Baby quail
"The new quail hatchlings are here!  This photo was taken from inside my dining room looking out at my flowerpot that served as a nesting location for a female quail and her 10 hatchlings.  This photo shows one chick less than one day old, right before he took a big 5-foot jump into the big world!  I captured the photo at about 8 a.m. on Tuesday, April 22, 2015 from my home in Cave Creek near the rodeo grounds. "

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my view by don sorchych'MY VIEW'   |   BY DON SORCHYCH

Federal lynching of Sheriff Joe

Republicans were stupid and totally wrong for not filing for impeachment against Obama. While they fiddle he is destroying America. As I said last week, if he signs an executive order to legalize millions of illegals and then pardons them, we will be a one party nation.

Boombox by Dixon Diaz

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National park tourism in Arizona creates $1.23 billion in economic benefit

New report shows visitor spending supports 13,360 jobs in Grand Canyon State

DENVER — A new National Park Service (NPS) report shows that the 10,747,223 visitors to national parks in Arizona in 2014 spent $837 million in the state. That spending supported 13,359 jobs and had a cumulative benefit to the state economy of $1,229,000,000. The results represent an 8.1 percent increase in spending and 6.4 percent rise in visitation over 2013.

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baby coyoteBaby season has started at Southwest Wildlife!

SCOTTSDALE – When coyote puppies begin to arrive by the box full we know that baby season is in full swing! A farmer plowing a field discovered a coyote den and kindly put the puppies in a box, hoping that mom would return for them. She was nearby, but when a day passed and they were still there, he knew they needed help.

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