Busy Bee
busy bee

This busy bee was captured early on a June morning in a Tatum Ranch back yard by Patricia Pieton.

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Cave Creek woman indicted on federal corruption charges

karen finley‘Rooting out public corruption remains one of the FBI’s highest priorities’

CAVE CREEK – Last week a federal grand jury handed down a 16-count indictment against Karen Finley, of Cave Creek, former CEO of Phoenix-based Redflex Traffic Systems, Inc., alleging she provided John Bills, the now-retired city of Chicago official, with approximately $570,000 cash and other benefits in exchange for inside information that would assist Redflex in obtaining, keeping and expanding its Chicago red light contracts that blossomed into $124 million.

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steve lamar horsze
Hot town ... summer in Cave Creek

Over the last couple long hot dry months I have caught myself humming the old Loving Spoonful song; ‘ hot town Summer in the City back of my neck getting burned and gritty.....’. It is the dog days of summer, but today has been a cloudy rainy day after a big down pour last night.

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Letters to the Editor


Pet News: Protecting pets from predators

As caring pet owners, we do everything possible to keep our pets out of harm’s way. However, with more wooded and natural areas being developed into neighborhoods and businesses, wild animals have fewer places to reside.

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