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"I normally do not post messages like this, but under the circumstances, I cannot help myself. This message is to DON SORCHYCH the owner and operator of the Sonoran News in Cave Creek.

Guest Editorials:

Does anyone in Washington DC tell the truth? |  BY LAWRENCE SELLIN, PHD
The Communist States of America  |  BY MATT BARBER
The methane hoax cranks up  | BY ALAN CARUBA

Letters to the Editor


Local First Arizona to celebrate Arizona’s Independent Businesses Week of Independence Day, June 29 - July 6, 2014

PHOENIX – In recognition of National Independents Week, Local First Arizona will honor locally owned and independent businesses across the state from Sunday, June 29, through Sunday, July 6. The nationwide Independents Week campaign, coordinated by the American Independent Business Alliance and known as “Indie Week,” takes place during the week of Independence Day with the purpose of enlightening consumers to the importance of supporting local businesses.

Another drop in the Phoenix-area housing market year could end without any price    increase
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Attention anglers: Tagged trout to be stocked into East Verde River

CAVE CREEK – Dr. Jerry Howard, Ph.D. presents a newly created lecture on prehistoric Hohokam irrigation. Environmental impacts are often associated with more modern times or industrialized societies. This lecture focuses on the environmental impact of Hohokam irrigation canals/ fields, which clearly had significant impacts on their environment prehistorically.

Successful Anthem Giving Circle Fund Raising Event Raise Money to Help Families in Need
Boats and ethanol
• Who is helping give out half a million free books across America on April 23rd? We are.
Local wins World Championship Select Cowboy Mounted Shooting title
• Community Briefs
• STAR Center offers scholarship program for children in Arizona with Sensory Processing Disorder
Tobias’ Auto teams up with the Foothills Food Bank encouraging snowbirds to donate


Pet News: Pet First Aid

Many of us can remember being cared for by our parents when we were injured as children. Whether cutting our leg while climbing a tree or swallowing one too many pieces of candy, our parents always came to the rescue with soothing words and a first aid kit in hand. Since our pets are beloved members of the family, shouldn’t we do the same for them? Here are some tips and tricks to help ease your pet’s pain in case of emergency.

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