Help support your community newspaper

Dear reader:
Sonoran News is in its 23rd year of operation.

We are unquestionably the most widely read newspaper in north Maricopa County and we are proud we have helped our advertising customers grow.

Our website is experiencing over 84,000 page views every week by nearly 18,000 visitors. With rapid growth on the readership side our advertisers are responding to this opportunity.

Therefore, we have taken a page from the book of other free newspapers and are seeking contributions toward offsetting costs while deferring or minimizing advertising rate increases.
You are welcome to stop by the office with your contribution, or mail it to us at Sonoran News, 6702 E. Cave Creek Road, Suite 3, Cave Creek, AZ 85331.

To contribute by credit card, you can call us at 480-488-2021 and our accounting department will be happy to speak with you.

Thank you!

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As usual, I appreciate the real journalism and the courage of conviction Sonoran News consistently demonstrates in its reporting.

We both read Sonoran News and agree with its politics and viewpoint! 

Thank you, Don, you are a true journalist!

I cannot imagine Cave Creek without Sonoran News – it is the single most important public service around and it makes you think. It has brought transparency to our local government (and beyond), provided free support and endorsements to deserving aspirants to elected office, hammered those in it for themselves, watched how your tax dollars are being spent and exposed issues that otherwise would have been swept under the rug. Equally important, it is a relentless supporter of Cave Creek. It is a forum for all manner of public expression. It provides the most comprehensive advertising platform available, supports and promotes local business, the art community, Fiesta Days, open space and conservation and on and on. I am convinced we would not have been successful with Spur Cross or Walmart without it. It is an enormous community resource. I hope the watchdog continues to grow.