Desert Foothills Air Conditioning marches forward with $49/unit HVAC checkup

Marielle D. Marne

CAVE CREEK – March, it comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. It hosts St. Patrick’s Day and sees to it a time change. The first day of spring falls in March. And of course, everyone’s favorite – Desert Foothills Air Conditioning and Heating offers $49/unit for an HVAC checkup through June 28, 2024! This deadline coincides with Carrier (Desert Foothills AC is a factory authorized dealer) offering rebates up to $1600 or zero percent financing up to six years on select units.

The team at Desert Foothills AC gets busy around this time, given temps are seeming more like summer earlier and earlier. The 25-point AC service keeps your air conditioner running tiptop and certainly helps your unit from conking out when you need it most. At this time, scheduling can run about two weeks out, so call – 480-595-0938 – for your appointment sooner than later so you need not wait.

If your AC is aging and a checkup just won’t make a real difference, be aware the EPA is implementing new restrictions regarding refrigerant equipment to go into effect end of 2025. This will include the addition of a leak detection system, which will no doubt mean cost increases. So, there’s time to consider one’s options and start saving! AC units with the current R-410A refrigerant will be fine to retain but it will be phased out much like the previous R-22. Be mindful that if your HVAC system is indeed old, the general rule is for every 10 years, your unit loses 1 SEER (a critical metric that helps industry folks understand how efficiently an air conditioner operates). The pros at DFAC will never try to sell you anything you don’t need, so if you’re on the proverbial fence, know you’ll get an honest answer as to whether it’s time to upgrade. Remember, customers always get a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee!

Desert Foothills Air has industry experience (84 years of) and will service all makes and models. They are local, they are your neighbors and they will take care of all your cooling and/or heating needs. And if you want to join this cool team, they are hiring. If you’re an experienced HVAC tech, reach out! Need more general info? Visit