Seven year itch

That’s right…I have now completed 7 years with Sonoran News…and I am happy as a clam. I’m not sure how happy clams get, but that is for another day.

What I am happy about is the expanded communications we have built over the years with local businesses and PR people to transform this paper back to a positive community newspaper that serves as a much needed source of local information.

To that end, I am grateful for the continuing support and input from the CCUSD admins, teachers, coaches and students, the members of Town Councils from both Carefree and Cave Creek, Kiwanis, numerous churches and organizations and specifically a shout out to local professionals like Fran Booth and Gina Carlo Brown. In addition, our list of columnists/contributors continues to grow and there is always room for more.

With that in mind, I think it is important for any business to recognize it’s limitations, yet maximize it’s potential. Sonoran News reaches over 26,000 homes and businesses, which is no small thing (you don’t want our postage bill), but it’s equally important to understand that, like many community papers, we do not have a large staff to be out covering events, and there lies the rub.

Here’s where the 7-year itch comes in — I would like to see Sonoran News continue to grow, in all the positive areas, that have been accomplished in recent years. We have had new ownership for a year now and are determined to build on what we already have.

There is nothing to stop us from including more comprehensive coverage on arts, entertainment, western lifestyle or anything involving horses — for example.

All we need to do is connect with people who have a common goal and I am available to anyone who would like to see that happen. These are not short-term, once-in-a-while endeavors. These are areas of interest that define our history and lifestyle and continues throughout the year…regardless of the weather and politics.

There you have it…the clam, the itch…the prospects for the future.

Have a safe and happy 2024.

Tom Owens has a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism from Penn State and over 50 years experience in the publishing industry…30 in Arizona.