A community of volunteers

Particularly in recent weeks, Cave Creek citizens have been enriched by the generous efforts of people who have contributed to the history, culture and economic vitality of Cave Creek. 

Dozens of volunteers enabled three sold-out performances of the Cave Creek Rodeo. They even added an extra night of exciting entertainment. The rodeo spirit was supported by a parade that was the largest yet. It was a mile-long procession of displays by both local and regional groups.

The Cave Creek Museum had another sold-out Miners Dinner. This annual event adds to educational programs about gold mining and history for both adults and students. Their large and impressive group of volunteers offer their time and skills to our community. The museum preserves and displays our rich cultural heritage.

The Dark Skies volunteers have hosted events at the Spur Cross Ranch Conservation Area that have drawn hundreds of people to educational programs with night sky viewing. This organization promotes interest in our natural environment by encouraging citizens to limit outdoor lighting that reduces our ability to observe natural features of the night sky.

The Desert Foothills Land Trust has established more than a dozen sanctuaries that will preserve land areas with special natural features for future generations. With the economic support of the Town of Cave Creek and Maricopa County, they recently added 30 acres to the Spur Cross Ranch Conservation Area.

The Desert Foothills Library is a model of a “not for profit” community library with recent expansion and increasing timely resources. Volunteers keep costs down as they enable easily accessed up-to-date services. The library draws in patrons from a large area.

The Sonoran Arts League presents Cave Creek as a haven for (mostly) western style art including the Hidden in the Hills tour of Cave Creek studios.
Volunteer organizations such as the Desert Awareness Committee protect our community resources and present educational programs, while others provide services to individuals and families in particular need of help, but who have difficulty providing for themselves. We have a generous community.

Even our elected Mayor and representatives on the Town Council contribute their services without economic benefit.

Special events in particular enrich those who attend, and they bring customers to our businesses to support our expanding essential town services. (without a town property tax!) But perhaps more important, they distinguish Cave Creek from other communities by preserving our unique environment and culture. We hope this will attract new residents who will choose Cave Creek because of these qualities, and they will continue to enhance our unique character. 

We cannot stop growth, but these organizations help our own efforts to “keep (the best of) Cave Creek, Cave Creek.”

Thomas McGuire
Town Councilperson