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Bonnie’s Barkery remains the one-stop shop for quality pet needs

CAVE CREEK – Dogs howl and cats meow over the fact Bonnie’s Barkery has been keeping them in kibble the last 10 years. Our furry friends may not know that the “barkery” has a new owner, Mike Murray. Murray has a passion for pets and wants to see them fed well, so he keeps with the philosophy of no corn, no wheat, no soy and/or no animal byproducts in the foods he sells. Sandy, the 11 year-old Golden mascot, is a wonderful example of what quality consumables can do for a pooch.

Pronghorn antelope numbers on rise near Sonoita, Patagonia

TUCSON After four years of comprehensive, science-based manage-ment efforts, biologists at the Arizona Game and Fish Department are encouraged by the birth of 84 pronghorn antelope fawns this year and increased pronghorn distribution throughout Game Management Units 34A, 34B and 35A in southeastern Arizona.

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steele coddingtonSPOOF SPACE BY STEELE CODDINGTON   | JULY 1, 2015

One-word ways to silence

First, an update: Obama's recent Executive Order granting up to 4.7 million illegal immigrants in the country relief from the U.S. law requiring deportation has been halted again, this time by the 5th District Court of Appeals. Now the White House may appeal the decision or go to the Supreme Court for its determination of Constitutionality.