‘Chasm Creek’ by Patricia Cox

PHOENIX – Cave Creek, Arizona, served as inspiration for an 1880 mining town west of the Verde River, where a pounding stamp mill provides the backdrop for an exciting debut novel by Patricia Grady Cox.

Two strangers seek help from a woman on a farm near CHASM CREEK, and the friendship that grows between them becomes the catalyst for a series of events that will change their lives forever.

i look like meI Look Like Me Tells Story of Abandonment to Self-Love

CAVE CREEK, ARIZONA - September 28, 2014 - Paula Dieck launches her new book, I Look Like Me: A Celebration of Self-Love, available on Amazon. I Look Like Me is the author’s story of adoption: growing up in a loving home, yet realizing that she was affected by feelings of abandonment, through years of personal growth, to ultimately coming to a place of self-love. As a young adult, Paula found her birth mother, thinking that this step would answer all her questions. Her quest continued when she decided to look for her biological father. Join Paula on this poignant journey of transformation.


my dad, my fatherMesa author introduces readers to God’s unconditional love

MESA, Ariz. – In her new book on Christian living, “My Dad My Father,” author Marlene Kopp introduces readers to a father that will give them unconditional love.

The book is a collection of heartwarming stories about the true meaning of unconditional love. Through this book, Kopp also aims to unite readers with a father that fills a void in their lives that has been apparent for far too long. Readers will find a love that’s more than they can ever imagine – a forever love that will nurture their soul.

methusela's memoirsFormer Cave Creek resident authors second book

Stephen Morris, a former resident of Cave Creek (and a former editor of Sonoran News 1995) has published his second book with Amazon. Titled “Methuselah’s Memoirs” the book is a fictional account of a family that lived in the times just before the great flood predicted by Noah.

"Methuselah is dead!" Lemek heard this cry as he crossed the public marketplace in Benkane City. He knew the ancient man of 969 years, was the grandfather of Noah.


thinkOne man's trash is another man's music: THINK … Before You Throw It Away

FORT WORTH, Texas – One man's trash is another man's treasure, but have you ever thought that it could also be someone's music?  If you've ever seen a Vocal Trash performance you know this to be true. 

panicNYT Best Seller Sharon M. Draper weighs in on Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month

Young adult author Sharon M. Draper applauds the fact that February is Teen Dating Violence awareness month.  The New York Times best-selling author’s 20+ novels entertain and excite young readers while helping to educate them on subjects like bullying, sexting, and stranger danger.

dick elderFeatured Author:  Dick Elder

Dick Elder was born in 1927 and grew up in northeastern Ohio. He trained as a combat air crewman during World War II. Elder graduated from the Ohio State University in 1949. In 1960, he moved to Durango, Colorado; built a dude ranch; and operated it for thirty-seven years.

Books by Dick Elder: Which Way is West, Lovers & Liars, It Sure Beats Working and The Way Out. All are available in print and as E-books.

scooterScooter, canine hero

Scooter, Cave Creek's late canine hero and one-time mascot of the Sonoran News, may have crossed the Rainbow Bridge, but his story, Scooter Challenges the Day, lives on and is available on ebook through Xlibris.com.

The Jack Russell terrier with the crooked front paw will forever remain in the hearts of dog lovers everywhere for saving his
owner from a rattlesnake!

your first gunBan guns or buy guns?

New book proposes novel solution

A new book by a nationally recognized gun-law expert takes a surprising perspective on the gun controversy.

While the nation is debating how many and which firearms to ban, Your First Gun by prolific author Alan Korwin is advising people on overcoming the fears and inertia that keep them out of the gun community – to more easily lose their gun virginity and buy a gun.

some are destinedSome Are Destined

Welcome to the Age of Aquarius, an exciting time to be alive in Chicago during the year 1974.  This is a tale about a man society turned its back on simply because he was different. In a moment of passion, he commits murder, and later encounters a lovely woman who recognizes his suffering.  Both souls are damaged, but their combined anguish begins their redemption.

seal team 6

U.S. Veteran Charities: Beyond Lip Service

SEAL Team 6 Author Discusses Value of Legit Nonprofits
With the war in Afghanistan set to end in 2014, and the Iraq war having ended two years ago, charities that help veterans and their families may be busier than ever – but without the public awareness generated by an ongoing conflict.