One-word ways to silence

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steele coddingtonAs a regular columnist for Sonoran News my affiliation with "The Conservative Voice of Arizona" is mostly devoted to expressing a scintilla or two of satire to expose (as the dictionary elucidates) weakness, vice, folly, stupidity, foolishness, bad judgment, error, etc., etc. by way of using humor, spoof, sarcasm, ridicule, sledge hammer, persuasion, common sense (what ever it takes).

Sounds like fun, but it's a masochistic form of entertainment in today's Freudian society because it's necessary to address an exponentially increasing number of liberal nuts wandering around looking for conservative victims to attack with a plethora of new one-word type blasphemies like "anti-semitic," "racist," "conspirator," or even more shockingly, "Christian."
Seems like every person who failed to complete their life's dream feels compelled to display their expertise on self-expression, infallible political correctness, or a new identity of self-fulfillment featuring whatever the hell will bring them the attention they think they deserve.

Recent manifestations of the syndrome are the bending of reality to satisfy a personal agenda that doesn't quite match what is true. Examples include the white president of the NAACP in Spokane who has consistently declared she is black. Senator Elizabeth Warren claiming Indian heritage. Hillary Clinton claiming she is anything but a Saul Alinsky radical. But the most egregious, Obama's claim to be the "closest thing to a Jewish President," in his relationship to Israel – a claim so at odds with his undermining reality that it really only confirms his championship as America's Greatest Pinocchio.

Which brings me to the point of this article – which is to reject such patent disinformation like the expression that may have been derived from the report in the Sonoran News issue of June 17. An accusation of "anti-semitic" for some previous isolated incident in dispute or manufactured against Don Sorchych and the Sonoran News. My ire is aroused because the implication of such accusations demeans the record, the actuality, the spirit and authenticity that characterize what I consider to be a demonstrated local voice of truth for conservative thought. Always a target to silence.

I know Don and he is not anti-semitic. I know that he, like me, voices consistent and aggressive advocacy for the Jewish people in Israel under the threat of obliteration of a culture thousands of years old. The Israelis, another target to silence. For reference, check out my two articles recently in Sonoran News – August 6, 2014 "God bless the Israelis," and April 15, 2015 "Thanks Netanyahu, a real leader." Both are considered borderline masterpieces by intellectuals and recommended reading for all Border Collies not interested in becoming a sheep, or being silenced by one-word bombs. Keep filling the silence Don!