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House call vets: Angels on wheels

Whether it is your beloved barrel racer, Seabiscuit, or your honorable hunting companion, Rover, a trip to the veterinary clinic is usually not an activity of choice. Saving anxiety and stress for you and your pet, many clinics provide both small and large animal mobile veterinary services that will see your animal in the comfort of your own home. Packing up their knowledge and expertise in that black veterinarian bag, they will be at Seabiscuit's or Rover’s side in no time at all.

spoof space by steele coddingtonSPOOF SPACE BY STEELE CODDINGTON  |  SEPTEMBER 18, 2013

The "pies" have it

Liberal democrats can always be counted on to define America in terms of pie. Not the traditional version often referred to "As American as apple pie." An example was recently illustrated by quotes from an article by a brilliant columnist for the Las Vegas Review Journal, Glenn Cook.