The "pies" have it

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spoof space by steele coddingtonLiberal democrats can always be counted on to define America in terms of pie. Not the traditional version often referred to "As American as apple pie." An example was recently illustrated by quotes from an article by a brilliant columnist for the Las Vegas Review Journal, Glenn Cook. In reporting on a visit by Senator Harry Reid to the Metro Chamber of Commerce in August, Cook's article began, "Denial is not just a river in Egypt. It's Harry Reid's perpetual state of mind." Cook referred to Reid's defense of Obamacare as he "bamboozled" the Chamber. "Where Reid sees a Monte Cristo sandwich everyone else sees a cow pie." And he pointed out that a few blocks away the AFL-CIO had just passed a unanimous "resolution eviscerating Obamacare." So the perennial clown takes another pie in the face.

Liberal ideology views America as one giant pie, split up into competing pieces that it plays against one another. Their game exploits the slices with victimization of their identities; minorities this week, gender next week, rich today, unions tomorrow, GLBT, women, private sector, middle class - whatever it takes to pit one against the other. All so one slice can take more away from another slice.

It's known as the Saul Alinsky sleight-of-hand pie game. Example: A couple of years ago as reported by the Charlotte Observer, Michelle Obama, while addressing a group of women at a round table in Harrisburg, N.C., said, "The truth is, in order to get things like universal healthcare and a revamped educational system, then someone is going to give up a piece of their pie, so someone else can have more." Inadvertent? Hardly, it's ingrained liberal doctrine.
The expression is hardcore, and represents the slogan of the Obama agenda for America that has been played out with one consummate failure after another. It is a vision of the country and its economic life as just one-size-fits-all pie with a minimalist program that pits slices of the pie against one another. Each slice vying to enlarge itself within the pie. It is a pie-in-the-sky blueprint for failure as a redistributive social doctrine. A system that has never produced anything but misery for everyone except the Party-in-Power.

Instead of redistribution of a small-minded pie, America has always prospered by a system that says, "Let's build a bigger pie." A golden vision that encourages the total pie to grow by giving all the slices the opportunity grow and expand the whole pie through individual incentives that work - lower taxes, freedom for entrepreneurial enterprise, rewards for hard work, and recognition that you can EARN your way to success. It's called Capitalism in America.

And while we're throwing "pies" around, an engineer friend suggested I look up the meaning of the Greek word Pi, the 16th letter of the Greek alphabet. Ignoring its mathematical definition, other meanings include: "any confused mixture, jumble or state of confusion." Soooo, another Pi for the Regime in D.C. But to America's unconspiritorily constituted patriots, after the Syrian debacle, Pi, or P and I, represent the first letters of words that describe the collective bunch of clowns turning the country into a laughing stock - Profoundly Incompetent, Progressive Idiots with Peanut Intellects performing Partisan Illegalities and Pervasive Ineptitude. We need a new Pie!