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Don Sorchych

Lori Hart

Vernon Parker

I figured my editorial about CCUSD’s Lori Hart would draw fire and it did both, friendly and hostile fire. Here is a friendly one:

“Don wrote a terrific editorial in last week's edition!

“I am sending along something I received by email:
Reference the Scottsdale Republic "Opinions" (Wednesday, May 2) entitled "Defeat of override puts students at disadvantage," there appears to be additional misconceptions.
First, the loss of 19 teachers is cited. Actually, the CCUSD governing board approved the loss of 15 teachers as a "staffing adjustment due to enrollment projections" (lower projected student counts, resulting in lower state funding). This reduction in force was presented to the board by the distinct (sic) superintendent on Feb. 14, 2012.

Second, the salary freezes/pay cuts over the past five years were also cited. Teacher salaries averaged about $41,000 in the 2006-07 school year. In the 2010-11 school year, teacher salaries averaged about $59,000. The source of this data is the Arizona Department of Education annual report (year end teacher FTE, year end teacher salaries) submitted to the governor. This annual report is based on district annual financial reports presented to and approved by district governing boards.
“The data cited above is public information and is easily available on the various district and AZ Department of Education web sites. 

“This was apparently sent to Robert Leger, opinions editor at Scottsdale Republic shortly after the publication of the Lori Hart missive.

“I checked the numbers and they seem to be in line, assuming that the basic source document numbers are correct. Don't these district proponents ever check their numbers before publishing anything?  One wonders?

Name withheld by request

bil canfield editorial cartoon
Then a letter from a Hart student, another know-nothing child, who learned to know nothing by her journalism teacher, Lori Hart.

“Your constant articles regarding Lori Hart has (sic) been getting old for quite some time. The small audience that reads your paper gets the point you have an issue with her so instead of whining about it, report some real news for a change.

“The fact that you are taking word from a teenage student and turning it into the so called ‘truth’ is just sad. Lori Hart has recieved (sic) many awards and has been recognized for her hard work and dedication to her students, not to mention the numerous clubs she supervises. 

“I, as an editor of the CSPress, have learned everything there is to know about journalism from her and she has done nothing but inspire me.

Taking on a news reporter as a career is about finding and reporting the truth, yes the TRUTH. So what exactly do you call yourself? Because hearing tiny comments then twisting the words into a cruel article is not news. 

“This has been going on for awhile (sic) now and you seem to be struggling to publish a story that doesn't put someone down, especially the constant mention of Hart. You do not know her at all so try focusing on your facts instead of focusing on writing just to put people down in order to get your writing published. 


Why is it CCUSD victims, who fancy themselves as crusaders, try valiantly to defend the indefensible? And she learned “everything there is to know about journalism” from Hart? That is not only a tall order but an impossible one, as all adults except morons would know.

And she, a teenager, wants us to believe her tripe while she says I would believe a teenager rather than Hart. Yes, I believe that girl and her father and I don’t believe Hart, or her. It is called perception.

She, as do many other liberal journalists, have the all-knowing and all believing narcissism of their idol, Barack Hussein Obama. And you see what he has done to the country.

Her arrogance about journalism fits the working journalists in the nation’s press. Seen any stories about Obama’s phony birth certificate? Ask any competent graphics artist and they will tell you what Obama released is a fraud. One has to wonder whether Ms. Scatterday (a fitting name) will find her truth in this issue and publish it. Liberals have their own definition of truth, so don’t hold your breath.

Her cheap shot about “our small audience” is a real lie. Our readership totals near 500,000 monthly and exceeds our competitors by two to five times. Note also that she obviously reads Sonoran News.

Professional politician
Anyone owning a computer gets blitzed by a political wanna be named Vernon Parker; if he sees a political opening he jumps into it. He is also known for whispering negatives about competitors. The list is too long to enumerate here. People in Paradise Valley once voted him into council and the councilmen made him mayor. I think the voters there share a nationwide conscience conflict about race, since Parker is a black man. He is back on Paradise Valley Council but now is running for Congress.

Recently, Parker claimed he was endorsed by H.W. Bush and Jim Waring. Bush is infamous for saying, “Read my lips, there will be no tax increase” then letting the Democrats con him into doing exactly that.

Waring for his part was long an aide to RINO John McCain and then wrote a bill in the state senate to illegally liberate bond funds for CCUSD. Some endorsements!

Now if Parker knew any of his competitors played around, or tried to, his whispering campaign would drown out the truth. A friend of mine told me this story. Although no spring chicken, she is very attractive. One evening she was enjoying a cocktail at a Scottsdale club, when Parker tried his best to seduce her and even brought in family issues to close the deal. He followed her to the parking lot demanding her phone number and address. She escaped.

If this is true, she is not the only one who has been hit on so let me know.