MARCH 14, 2012

Dana Law Firm helps with planning for large and small estates

dana law familyWhen people hear the term estate planning, they often think of wealthy people with a vast amount of valuable assets. The truth is everyone needs to consider estate planning, whether that includes drawing up a simple will or managing a vast network of trusts. When Matthew Dana started Dana Law Firm in 1989 he had several goals in mind. Mr. Dana saw the need to create a boutique law firm focusing on estate planning for individuals of all income levels. Dana’s overall goal was to keep his family values and family close to him while he developed his firm.

In the 23 years since the firm’s inception, Mr. Dana realized his vision. Dana Law Firm is currently one of the largest boutique firms focused solely on the practice of estate planning law and still growing. The firm is comprised of attorneys with education far beyond their law degrees, with the ability to work collaboratively on estate planning in general while spearheading individual divisions within the firm. This allows each case the full attention and knowledge it deserves. And family has remained the foundation of Dana Law Firm; all five of Mr. Dana’s children work for the firm.

Dana Law Firm wants clients to understand their estate, and therefore the attorneys take their time. They begin with a free consultation and review what a client already has in place and what the client might need. An attorney creates a diagram or flow chart outlining the client’s current situation and, if necessary, a diagram of an improved scenario clearly explaining what changes are suggested and the benefits of each change. When the client fully understands the new proposal, a fixed price is proposed for the work. The goal is to help clients make the best choices available through a thorough understanding of their options.

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