Deputy William Coleman
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Driving north on SR-51 we were astounded by the flood of blue lights in the southbound lane. We were seeing the funeral procession of MCSO Deputy William (Bill) Coleman. Law enforcement cars continued for miles.

MCSO Lt. Rich Burden under whom Coleman served said there was a viewing followed by a funeral, then burial and finally a remembrance at the Buffalo Chip. An estimated 250 law enforcement people in addition to countless citizens from all over the state showed their respect for Coleman and his bravery at the Chip.

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Elsewhere in the paper there is a picture of Coleman and a large poster titled, “They protected and served.” This picture and poster was erected in large size at the Chip. The poster had 17 pictures of fallen officers. This wonderful public service was provided by Signery. An offset titled “What we do in life, echoes in eternity.” The statement which follows is: “T.J. Marco & all the families at the Signery, Honoring all that have fallen, your mission is now complete, Rest with Honor & in Peace.”

Thank you to the Signery for your caring contributions.

Coleman’s death underlines a nationwide shortcoming in protecting law enforcement from high velocity bullets. Although in this case Coleman was shot below his so-called bullet-proof vest, the ammo used by the burglar (Drew Ryan Maras) would have penetrated Coleman’s vest.

It has been reported the burglar had military grade ammo with hard metal tips. His rifle was .223 caliber; the deputies only had their handguns. Border guards are similarly armed while drug cartel “soldiers” are armed with fully automatic AK-47s thanks to our own ATF and their Operation Fast and Furious.

In no way am I arguing for gun control. Public citizens have a right to own and carry any firearm owned by law enforcement. Many believe, and e-mail correspondence revealed at congressional hearings suggests, Fast and Furious was a backdoor attempt to create reasons for gun control.

Once in Florida a cop killer was shot 72 times by officers. A reporter (probably a liberal) asked why they had shot so many times The sheriff said they stopped because they ran out of ammunition. I have heard Sheriff Joe Arpaio give the same answer when asked if the 40 shots fired by deputies were excessive.
You go Joe!

We are ‘taught” by news media, schools and guvmint to cherish this day and remember this black hero, while they hack away at those terrible founders who were (gasp) slave owners. There are still slave owners in this world and who is complaining?

I followed King’s adventures and it was hard not to notice that he arrived, preached peace, and as soon as he left there were riots. He attended communist meetings and bedded every white woman who said yes. He was not worth having a day set aside, and certainly did not represent American values and neither do Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton.

No one can justify slavery and it is a sin overlaying our otherwise Christian underpinning. But that was a long time ago and despite how wrong it was, it was a long time ago. The country’s undeniable conscience of wrong doing resulted in numerous laws to assure equal treatment. In fact, President Lyndon Johnson went so far overboard that he created a welfare state, especially if you are anything but white.

I have said before and will say again, there are numerous blacks of merit that justify having a day commemorating their patriotism, fairness and contributions to society. How about Justice Clarence Thomas, or economists Walter Williams or Thomas Sowell and thousands of others who probably keep their heads down to avoid being labeled Uncle Toms.

We are paying a price with Obama that has more to do with his being Islamic than being half black and believing the rants of his minister and the likes of Bill Ayers and Saul Alinski.
Voting Obama out is the way to save our country!

Last weekend two amazing teams lost even though they had sterling records and record breaking quarterbacks. Even though the Green Bay Packers lost only one game during the regular season the New York Giants beat them 37-20. I attribute that loss to Packers Coach Mike McCarthy giving his team two weeks off prior to the game. Their timing was off and dropped passes were the result. In spite of the rushes against him, Aaron Rodgers was near top of his game.

The New Orleans Saints were surprised by the San Francisco 49ers and lost 36-32. Saints quarterback Drew Brees recently beat Miami Dolphins Quarterback Dan Marino’s record for completed passes in a season.

Dan Marino is an example of an athlete and man to be emulated. And, although records are made to be broken he is a bona fide role model. I still believe he is the best of all time.
And who said he wasn’t a role model? Charles Barkley, of course, who is now advertizing for Weight Watchers. Their advertising agent must be waaay young to not remember his racist statements, promiscuity and his most recent gaffe of telling police officers he ran a red light while drunk to meet a woman for oral sex.