Obama is a fraud

Here we are in much anticipated 2012. The focus of the year will be on November elections. It is not an exaggeration to say reelection of Barack Obama will be the end of the United States of America. And who can we thank?

Let’s start with the media. You will notice ABC, CBS, NBC, and MSNBC are all way left. They will not in any case televise anything which is remotely negative about Obama, but have a field day reporting negatives about Republicans. FOX is right of center but tells us they are fair and balanced. Even if they were rabidly right wing, they wouldn’t balance the huge amount of left wing, Democrat and Obama propaganda.

canfield cartoon
During the 2008 election there were low hanging stories about Obama but the long list was ignored. Criticisms were immediately bashed as racist. His 20 years spent listening to racist Reverend Wright’s rants were ignored. So were his probably ghost written books, which told about his hatred for whites, including his own white mother and grandmother.

Television and print media have never asked Obama why he was spending millions to cover up his past. They only damned “Birthers” and anyone who wondered about his relationship with Wright, Bill Ayers and many other undesirable America haters.

As Rush Limbaugh said, what do community organizers do? They sit around and wonder where to agitate next. And that is the only job Obama had.

How can anyone ignore his socialist policies and appointments? Check the background of his “czars.” They are typically misfits and would likely only be employed as Democrat appointees or at universities, most of whom love to get professors who are lefties. Obama appointed 44 czars and only 33 were voted on by congress.

He has been loudly outspoken (depending of the audience) about Islam and has stated he would support Islam if they needed him. The current issue of Fast and Furious shows his prejudice. His Attorney General, Eric Holder, is incompetent but protected by his racist boss. Obama has been quick to tongue lash any white person who has disagreed with a Black.

This election shouldn’t be, but is, about race. For those who call you a racist you might point out that over 90 percent of blacks voted for Obama. That is in your face racism. Blacks often call Clarence Thomas, Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams and other Black conservatives like them Uncle Toms. I would vote for them in a heart beat because they are bright, knowledgeable and conservative.

Republicans will choose their candidate for the presidency. After that they hopefully understand they MUST vote for that choice and against Obama. The country is at stake. I held my nose and voted for H.W. Bush and George Bush only because they were the better of two bad choices. At least they did their best to protect the first and second amendments.
Isn’t it a wonder Republicans are fighting so hard to be anointed when they are all better qualified than Obama?

But what concerns me more is how Obama can be president when his father was not a citizen of the United States of America. He was not a natural born citizen and that should be enough to disqualify Obama.

Remember Arnold Schwarzenegger saying he might seek a constitutional modification so he could be president?

It is true that “natural born citizen” is not clear and a Supreme Court ruling is needed but very difficult to get because of their view of standing, at least in their eyes.

If Obama was born in what became Kenya, would he be disqualified? Apparently he thinks so since he spent millions to protect the document, and then after huge publicity by Donald Trump he sent out a bogus birth certificate.

The issue of qualifications for president and vice president need serious national debate, but even conservatives like Sean Hannity drool over the future prospects of Mario Rubio even though he was born to two native Cubans who were naturalized after his birth.

I think Rubio is great but the constitution is more important than any candidate, no matter how well qualified.