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DECEMBER 29, 2011

after the homestretch logoA second career program for Arizona ex-racehorses – After the Homestretch

It has been less than 6 months, since After the Homestretch-AZ received its 510c3 nonprofit status. “I cannot believe how far we’ve come in such a short period of time” states Dannielle Marturana founder and president of the rescue.  “We knew the need for this service was vital as too many ex-racehorses were being abandoned or sent to auction once their racing careers were over.” After the Homestretch is dedicated to the training, rehabilitation and placement of Arizona ex-racehorses into non-racing adoptive homes. Dannielle adds “we believe these magnificent athletes deserve the opportunity to find a new career whether as a companion pet, trail horse, therapeutic horse, cross country horse, dressage or polo horse. It is such a thrill to see horses that have raced all of their short lives learn how to run and play in a loving protective environment.”

Looking back over the past 6 months we are more than thrilled with our accomplishments. We have done so much already, rescuing seven thoroughbreds – in December, three directly from Turf Paradise. And we are thrilled to report, on Christmas Day, one was adopted and living in his forever home. However, there is so much more to do and for this we need help. We continue to need experienced foster homes, and most importantly, financial support.

The Homestretch AZ is a 501c3 non-profit, a 100 percent volunteer run organization dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of Arizona ex-racehorses by providing rest, rehabilitation and retraining for new careers with the goal of adoption into non-racing homes “after the homestretch.”

For more information please call 623-205-8528, visit them on Facebook or online

rescue horseThe Shaughraun is @16.2 to 16.3h and very sleek. He was foaled in 2003 in Florida. His sire is Lion Hearted and his dam is Flit About by Fly So Free. The Shaughraun has earned over $154,000 and came off the track on December 9, 2011 and is being fostered in Wittmann, Ariz. His sire can trace back 3 generations to Secretariat.

DECEMBER 29, 2011

Horses needing new homes

If you can help with a home or otherwise, please contact the owners directly …


We have a 9 year old registered Arabian gelding that needs a home. We took him from a place in April 2011 that was being shut down by the county for having too many horses. He was no in great shape and we thought that we could do something for him. We did a lot of ground work but when it can time to ride him he was too much horse for me to handle. We took him to a trainer in Camp Verde and he has been under saddle for 2 months but needs a lot more work before he will be trustworthy. We don't have the facilities to keep him this winter (we only have a run-in with room for 2 horses which we already have). We live up close to Flagstaff where they really need a place to get out of the weather. We also older and don't feel like we are up to riding him. He will need someone who is either a trainer or a very good rider.

A friend of the family just passed away leaving her 10 year old thoroughbred behind. Blue, the thoroughbred, has had EPM and suffered damage to his spinal cord and he can't be ridden. He is still able to hold his own in a pasture and live without difficulty. The family is no longer able to afford to keep him in a boarding retirement facility and i'm currently looking into rescues that could retire him or help him find a retirement home. I was wondering if he is a horse you would be interested in helping? If so, could you send me your adoption contract and tell me a little about your retirement program? I have known him since he was young and as my old trainer's horse, it would ease my mind considerably to know that he will get to live out his life comfortably with someone who understands his condition.

We are trying to find a good home for one of our horses. Our daughter is now away at college. Nevada is a stud and needs to be gelded – surgery we can't afford (around $800 last time I checked). With my daughter gone, no one works with him, so he is just in his pen. He was born on May 18, 2003, so he is 8 years old. She used to ride him in gymkhanas doing barrels and poles until he discovered he is a stud. He is beautiful and we love him dearly, but I don't want his life to be just sitting in a pen.

My husband is disabled and we live on a limited income. Having our daughter in college is a struggle financially and we need to down size as well. We do not want to sell him. Just find him a great home.

His mom was my daughter’s first horse, a registered Arabian and his Dad is a Mustang from Nevada. We have his Dad and he is beautiful as well. If you could consider taking him or helping us find him a home, we would be so grateful.

I have a 3 year old paint mare for whom I need to find a home. Jill is a wonderful in your pocket type who just wants to be petted and loved. She is also very smart. I had an arrangement with a friend to keep her at her place but she just told me I need to find another place for her. I do not have the funds to put her at a regular stable and she needs more of a pasture type setting as she has a cervical injury that happened the year she turned 2 (she is considered a wobbler from injury, not born that way). She is stable on her feet, can run, buck, etc. and I had hoped to use her as a broodmare in the future. She is actually a clown and loves to play with balls. I don't want to put her down. She doesn't deserve that. I had gotten to show her in hand before she was injured in halter and trail and she did wonderfully. She also had very nice movement before she was injured and is why I was hoping to breed her. I have never asked anyone to take one of my animals before and it truly kills me to do it now. Jill’s happiness matters most.