Russell Peace, patriot

CCUSD loses

The elections last week were bittersweet. Who would have thought senate President Russell Pearce would be recalled? I surely didn’t. How can Arizona voters, and especially Mormon voters who are usually Republican and conservative, turn out of public office a consummate conservative like Pearce?

Pearce’s hallmark is SB 1070, which state after state has since emulated. Even the Phoenix Law Enforcement Union has commented that SB 1070 is responsible for a substantial reduction of crime.

Here is what they said, "Since SB1070, Phoenix has experienced a 30-year low crime rate.  600 police vacancies, budget cuts, and old policing strategies didn’t bring about these falling crime rates.  SB1070 did.  When hard-working rank-and-file Phoenix Police Officers were given access to the tool of SB1070, the deterrence factor this legislation brought about was clearly instrumental in our unprecedented drop in crime.  And all of this without a single civil rights, racial profiling, or biased policing complaint.  To ignore the positive impact of SB1070 in the City of Phoenix is to ignore the huge elephant in the middle of the room.

The masterminds behind the recall were illegal aliens and democrats and the winner is a RINO at best with a spotty record.

bil canfield editorial cartoon
What Pearce did on SB 1070 was grab state responsibility for upholding federal law. Do you think the federal government will ever close the borders and remove illegal aliens? They have had 40 tears to do it and have gamed the country with lip service. Now Obama is trying to establish amnesty by executive order, no doubt believing it will buy Hispanic votes.

Democrats want their votes and both Republicans and Democrats want their cheap labor. What Pearce did was incredibly courageous, trying to do what our federal government deliberately refused to do.

To show the creeping socialism in Arizona, one only had to read the Arizona Republic or listen to talk radio. Death by 1,000 cuts has been attributed to the Arizona Republic and they gave daily negative views of Pearce. Even proclaimed conservatives from Clear Channel’s KFYI, especially Barry Young who is on from 7 to 10 a.m., unfairly hammered Pearce. Both viewed Pearce’s enormous contributions as incorrect. They would have borders open and illegals legalized.

A mutual friend told me Pearce said if you are doing what the voting public like, they don’t vote, but if you displease voters they will vote against you. He is, right but there were more powerful forces at work.

Arizona’s recall laws strongly favor those who run against those being recalled. All parties can vote, so Pearce not only faced RINOs, he faced Democrats as well. Guess how they voted?

The Tea Party scored a huge victory by getting a house majority in congress, but the Ohio union victory and Pearce’s loss give Democrats and RINOs heart. I think Pearce will be back, but he needs help. Legislative districts need to develop enough chutzpah to get rid of RINOS. They might start with Nancy Barto and Heather Carter next November.

The LearnYes bunch were again handed their head in their expensive attempt to pick the voting public’s pocket. As of Fri. Nov. 11, 8,494 or 55.18 percent voted against the override while 6,900 or 44.87 voted for the override.

What does LearnYes think of voters, that they are stupid? School officials hate Sonoran News but we have never had a specific complaint, only that we are negative and against their monopoly.

Just as we do for all organizations, we print the truth, especially when an election is on and the public needs to be informed.

Board president David Shaefer was quoted in the Scottsdale Republic as saying, “It’s a sad day for the kids in Cave Creek, Scottsdale, Carefree and Phoenix.” Here again is another version of “do it for the kids.” The public has heard and heard it and they know it is a lie. It is for the benefit of the administration and the people who feed off the school. Think about whether you will get a raise today of $30,000 in this economy. Superintendent Debbi Burdick was granted that raise by the school board along with a three-year contract, which gives her a big increase in her retirement, which we taxpayers fund.

The district has threatened over 70 teachers would be let go if the override failed. I believe it was just that, a threat to get votes. We will keep a scorecard and print what they actually do in terms of layoffs.

Schaefer was quoted as saying schools are headed for a financial disaster because of the legislature. When you fail find someone else to blame. The legislature was soft on schools and should have substantially cut aid to schools. It is incompetent school boards, like the one in CCUSD, that have created budget crises. They are used to holding out their hands and saying give for the kids.

Why do schools think they have rights for increasing budgets in a down market, recession and with 10 percent unemployment? They have been pampered far too long and need to be forced into the real world. The problem is conservatives would find serving on this board to be offensive, surrounded by a union, liberals and socialists.

The Chair of LearnYes Political Action Committee is Attorney Steven Hart. You can thank him for the blizzard of obnoxious signs covering virtually every street corner and unwanted phone calls.

Hart’s wife is Lori Hart, a teacher at Cactus Shadows. We received an irate call from a parent whose child was furious because the student allegedly was in class when Hart told the students to find copies of Sonoran News and throw them away. If true, this is illegal at several different levels.

Even though Principal Steve Bebee agreed there was a problem, Burdick later claimed no student made such an allegation. That is not what the parent told us. I would like to hear from students or parents of students who have information about this incident. We never disclose sources, if they request anonymity.