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Your News is Carefully Scripted

Tell me if this is a newsworthy item:  A Legislative candidate is an executive at a charter school that serves under-privileged kids.  Each year the school has a major charity drive to get clothing and supplies for the kids.  The drives are huge events in which members of the community are asked to donate enough book bags to fill an entire school bus. But there's problem.  The Assistant Principal notices that the Principal – our legislative candidate – oftentimes dispenses the supplies in ways that don't benefit children and weren't part of the purpose of the drive.  For example, he gave some of the supplies to a friend of his who then sold them at a yard sale.  Meanwhile, our candidate continues to solicit donations, claiming that the kids need more supplies. 

The Assistant Principal complains that giving some of the supplies to a private party who then keeps the proceeds is inappropriate and she also complains that soliciting additional donations while giving away existing donation to non-intended recipients is even more inappropriate.  In fact, the the Assistant Principal raises the issue on numerous occasions, claiming that the donations are not being used for the benefit of the children, or for their intended purpose. 

This administrator goes on vacation and when she returns, she discovers that she has been terminated.  Since she has a contract, she sues for wrongful termination and alleges that she was fired because she complained about our candidate's behavior.  You have a copy of the lawsuit in which these allegations are made.  Is it a story?

It's obviously a major story.  In fact it would be a major story even if the administrator weren't a legislative candidate.  "Principal of Charter School Misappropriates funds, Fires Whistle blower."  The Republic has built 5-day series on smaller stories than that. 

Montini (2)All the major news outlets have the story.  Laurie Roberts, EJ Montini, Dennis Welch have all known about it for weeks but they are sitting on it.  Why?  Because the candidate is Jerry Lewis and no one in the media is willing to print a story that might upset Lewis's chances of defeating Russell Pearce. 

Welch%20dennis (2)By now, you know that the news you receive is orchestrated.  It would be great if reporters screened out the trivia and what you got was the important stuff, but that's not the case.  What you get is carefully scripted to fit a pre-conceived narrative. 

That's why you have read dozens of stories about Scott Bundgaard's freeway exploits and no stories about Representative Daniel Patterson spending his days smoking pot, verbally abusing his wife and living outside of his district. 

Pitzl (2)The pre-set narrative is why you have read dozens of stories about the Fiesta Bowl and almost none about Fast and Furious. 

The pre-set narrative is why you have read scores of stories about Olivia Cortes and none about the Democratic Party sending out pieces in favor of Libertarian candidates. 

It's why you didn't ever get a comprehensive looks at the culture of corruption in the Napolitano Administration. 

It's why you get stories bashing the Catholic and Mormon churches together with endless stories about gay adoption, gay health insurance and gay tourism.

The Lewis story would be huge even if he weren't a candidate.  Since he's a candidate for the state senate and the story goes straight to his honesty and character--not to mention the alleged illegality--the story should be on A1. 

But you have never heard of the story because Alia Rau, Mary Jo Pitzl, Dennis Welsh, Laurie Roberts, and EJ Montini are so desperate to have Pearce lose, that they will bury the story until after the election. 

That's why people don't trust them.  That's why the don't subscribe.  That's why they are collapsing financially.  And that's why the world will be a better place when they are gone.

This article is reprinted from the ESPRESSO PUNDIT.