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Stein to read from “Racing in the Rain” at Page’s

By Curtis Riggs | March 11, 2009

Reading, reception set for Friday, March 13

garth, cometCAVE CREEK – Best-selling author Garth Stein will read from his new book “The Art of Racing in the Rain” at Page’s book store on Friday.

Stein’s latest novel was the eighth best-selling novel in the country last year. Currently it is No. 25 on the best-seller’s list. Stein credits the success of the book to Enzo, the dog narrating the story. Enzo, both a television and racing enthusiast, dreams of being reincarnated as a human being (complete with opposable thumbs) and looks back on his days with aspiring racer Denny Swift as he ponders the meaning of life while he awaits death. More...

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America’s Wild Horses and Burros Offered for Adoption

Yuma March 20-22, Tucson April 24 –

Yuma – About 30 wild horses and burros, representing the spirit of the historic West will be available to horse burro adoptionqualifying adopters in Yuma March 20-22.. Sponsored by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), the Wild Horse and Burro event will offer a variety of animals, including filly and stud colts, adult mares, and Arizona’s wild burros.

The BLM corrals for the Yuma adoption event will be set up at the Broken Gate Saddle Club on the Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS), at Avenue 3E and County Road 13.

Adoption fees for all animals start with a minimum bid of $125 by approved adopters in Saturday’s auction. Following the auction, wild horse and burro adopters may enter the “Adopt a Buddy” lottery and adopt an additional horse from those remaining available for a fee of only $25. More...