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May 11, 2016

Leonardo is magnificent at Southwest Wildlife Sanctuary

Leonardo is an jaguar and a magnificent creature.  Leonardo was bred for the entertainment industry and was born in a cage.  His first two years of life were spent entertaining people in a Las Vegas show.  So that he would be “safe” for his handlers and audience, his canine teeth and all of his claws were pulled out.  No one cared that his teeth gave his jaw support and without them eating would be difficult, or that his mutilated feet would be painful and crippling.  No one cared for his welfare at all. When his owners tired of him, they sold him to a small zoo and pet store in Douglas, Arizona. 


Be alert for screw pines

james k white

Sir Robert Walpole served as Great Britain’s first Prime Minister. He held the high office from 1721 to 1742. There have been 54 British PM’s with David Cameron being #54.

Nail polish originated in China about 3000 years ago. The Zhou Dynasty chose royal hues for their leaders’ nail coloring. For decades, gold and silver polish were the royal trademarks for nails, but later years found that red and black had become dynasty favorites. Mummified remains indicate that some Egyptian pharaohs used henna as fingernail paint.