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March 23, 2016

Don't hide Easter eggs where rattlesnakes may curl up

Phoenix Herpetological Society provides advice on snake safety as calls to remove snakes increase

SCOTTSDALE – If you're having an Easter Egg hunt later this month, be aware that rattlesnakes may like the same hiding spots you are planning to stash those eggs. 

With the warm weather, snakes have been very active lately. The Phoenix Herpetological Society (PHS) reports that it is receiving multiple calls to remove snakes.

MULLET OVER BY JAMES K. WHITE  |  March 23, 2016

Leave black mambas unchallenged

james k whiteThere exist more than 1300 distinct species of that leather-winged mammal known as a bat (Chiroptera).  Publishers and researchers at Science Magazine estimate that bats prevent agriculture losses of more than $3,700,000,000 every year by eating tons of crop-devouring insects each night.

The last surviving American Civil War veteran was Albert Henry Woolson (1850-1956).  Albert was a member of the 1st Minnesota Heavy Artillery (1864-1865) but was never in combat. James Albert Hard was the last surviving combat veteran (1843-1953). James Albert fought with the 37th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment and saw action at the First battle of Bull Run (1861), Antietam (1862) and Chancellorsville (1863).