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PET NEWSMAY 20, 2015

Dog Bite Facts: Dog bite prevention 

There are many things you can do to avoid dog bites, ranging from properly training and socializing your pet to educating your children on how - or if - they should approach a dog.
Information and education are the best solutions for this public health crisis.

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Hillary; a mime with a Saul Alinsky brain

steele coddingtonHillary's attack termites are on the loose again. They crawl out of their outhouse defending or disguising the dangerous implications of their candidate's dual political personality. Her scary past radicalism concealed or glazed over with tolerated far left rhetoric is a guaranteed certainty that spells disaster for America. If elected president, her subversive agenda featuring failed ideology and the incompetence of collectivism will itself go down into the garbage can of history, carrying with it the economic, political and constitutional principles of America that have preserved the Rule of Law and our sacred values for over 200 years of unmatched individual freedom.