Experience the excellence that is massage from Bodyworks by Adrienne

Open House set for Saturday, Jan. 17
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adrienneCAVE CREEK – A new year usually brings with it a host of resolutions. Many folks aspire to lose weight, save money, eat healthier, all noble goals, but Adrienne Bouchard, of Bodyworks by Adrienne, suggests striving to simply take care of self through massage. As a licensed massage therapist, she has witnessed its wonderful results. “I have people who see me weekly, but I’d recommend at least twice a month,” she said, for optimal well-being.

Her clients know you need not have been in a car wreck or suffered serious injury to reap the benefits of massage. Adrienne can help with headaches, arthritis, taking down pain levels, even lymphatic issues plaguing cancer patients. She keeps so busy assuring her clients remain balanced and grounded during her Monday – Thursday workweek that she’s invited new massage therapist, Nick Brown, to join her team.

On Fridays, Brown brings his nine years of experience to Suite #3 at Bodyworks. “He’s good, he’s really good,” Adrienne offered. She appreciated that Brown was comparable to her not only in deep tissue techniques but also in professionalism and demeanor. “He puts people at ease,” she added. For new clients to get to know Nick, Adrienne introduced the Body Club, a special rate plan for ongoing treatment from Brown on Fridays only. Ask for details when setting an appointment.

Because some people haven’t heard Bodyworks by Adrienne is now in the lower-level suite #3, Adrienne is hosting an open house on Sat., Jan. 17 from 10 a.m. to noon at 6042 E. Valley Way. Meet Adrienne, experience the serenity that is her healing studio, ask questions, partake of refreshments, and sign up for a chance at a door prize. Start 2015 out feeling life is beautiful by calling 480-227-4513.