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OCTOBER 1, 2014

Rattlesnake facts and fallacies

PET NEWSFacts about rattlesnakes, treatment and prevention

Fact: One of the most threatening and feared dangers in the desert is the rattlesnake.

Fact: Bites, commonly inflicted on the tongue, causes severe swelling and potential suffocation but generally are not fatal if treated quickly and appropriately.


Pet of the Week: 2 for 1 KITTENS!


Global Warming and Toilet Paper

Steele CoddingtonThe more you dig into the Global Warming fiasco the more convincing the evidence becomes that it has developed into a "doctrine" of the radical environmental wackos to disguise their real motive which is to wage war on capitalism. It is an emotional cover that influences the ignorant with false premises that attribute the fault of warming the earth to that evil devil capitalism and free market society. The leftists proclaiming the possibility of rising tides, apocalypse and mankind's demise, based on questionable scientific certainties include the usual radical monetary beneficiaries like Al Gore and a new pigeon named Naomi Klein mentioned recently in Investors Business Daily. Her books promote the left wing hypocrisy with loathing of capitalism and anti-free-market drivel. It mentions her latest book, "The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism," espousing , according to IBD, "pure Marxist demagoguery."