It’s not ‘just’ hair at Just Janet's Salon; Janet Finch strives to make fine tresses thrive

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just janet slaonCAREFREE – While fine hair tends to be oh-so-soft and accept color faster, it’s not without its styling challenges. With an estimated 85 to 90 percent of people deemed to have fine hair, it was logical for Janet Finch of Just Janet’s Salon to specialize in fine follicles. After all, she too has fine hair.

So, she’s been there. She’s gotten the bad cuts, which can take as long as six months to correct! Plus, with more than fifty years in the industry, she knows what works. She keeps up with trends and updates her skills through continuing education.

However, one thing that will always work for Finch is styling products by Paul Mitchell. The color is mild; the smell won’t sear your nostrils. With a beeswax base, it conditions and helps prevent breakage. You know it’s effective when Janet's daughter and son-in-law, Linda and Scott, who own two Paul Mitchell schools in Phoenix and Atlanta, travel the world and educate on Mitchell’s products.

Finch loves what she does, though she considers herself semi-retired, so you’ll only find her at the Stagecoach Village salon (7171 E. Cave Creek Rd.) Thur, Fri and Sat starting at 8 a.m. Janet likes to make herself available on Saturdays for working women (men, too!) who can’t get there any other day. Since her hours are limited (she’s usually done by noon), those who have literally put their hair in her hands schedule early so she books up fast.

Phone Janet Finch today at Just Janet's Salon at 623-582-2242 (res) or 602-471-1022 (cell).