Relax! You're in good hands with massage therapist Adrienne Bouchard

adrienne bouchardCAVE CREEK – Massage clients of Adrienne Bouchard, L.M.T. have discovered treatments are not solely a girls' night out of fluff and fun. "Probably 90 percent of the people who come to see me have issues and want deep tissue therapy," she explained. Since every client is different - pain may be the result of old injuries, new injuries, sports, even discomfort from pregnancy! - every massage is individually tailored. "My mantra is excellence is an attitude, and for me, that means every massage needs to be as excellent as it can be."

The last two years sharing office space with chiropractor Chris Williams has kept Bouchard busy. "I want to say I am so grateful to my clients and the people who have supported me," she added. Bouchard is equally thankful to her business manager/boyfriend, Jeff Kemp. "He's got an incredible business sense." She's redone her studio (experiencing the new two inch memory foam cover and two inch lamb's wool heated table is a MUST!) and made it even more relaxing. "This office is awesome. There's no negative energy, it just flows. We truly promote wellness for everyone here," Bouchard said.

Some of the most requested treatments include deep tissue massage, which is a "hurts so good" type of session; lymphatic, optimal for pre- and/or post-surgery that cleans out the system and helps the body heal faster; hot rocks; "fluff and buff," for relaxation; trigger point and PI (personal injury) work. Because Bouchard asks questions before she starts, each massage, even for the same person, will be different every time.

Bouchard works by appointment starting at 6 a.m. She keeps busy due to her numerous satisfied clients but stressed, "If you're in pain, please text or call. I never turn anyone away."
Reach Bodyworks by Adrienne Bouchard at 480-227-4513 or Her studio is located at 6042 E. Valley Way, #1.