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Dear Secretary Bennett:

I listened to Mike Broomhead yesterday on radio 550 AM. The one thing that struck me in your answers was that you seemed genuinely puzzled that the state of Hawaii had not responded in 8 weeks to your request for verification of Barack Hussein Obama II's birth information. I'm sure you are now beginning to understand the frustration many have gone through over the last four years attempting to discover “who is our president.” We now are reading that a recently discovered biography lists Barack Hussein Obama as being "born in Kenya" and raised in Hawaii and Indonesia. This whole thing is starting to look like a really bad dream.

For several years I was in banking. When people became delinquent on their loans, I took action and recovered the past due amounts. In my opinion, the citizens of Arizona have now waited an additional eight weeks too long. The information is past due. It's now time for the Secretary of State's office to collect this long past due account. In emails transmitted across the state of Arizona and across the country, you wrote on April 27, 2012:

"... if Hawaii can't or won't provide verification of the President's birth certificate, I will not put his name on the ballot."

Mr. Secretary, Hawaii and Obama's accounts are past due. Time is up. It's time to collect. I would request that that you hold to your word and keep Barack Hussein Obama II off the 2012 Arizona ballot. The time for talk is over. It's time for action. I would respectfully ask that you keep your word and keep Mr. Obama off the 2012 ballot until there is some form of resolution regarding the criminal investigation or until Mr. Obama provides documentation that certifies who he is. It's time to ACT!

I've included news articles (links below) from national news organizations that have covered your efforts and Obama's recently discovered Kenyan birth biography and Arizona, Leading the Fight.

Denise Reilly
Surprise Tea Party

Arpaio: Appears Hawaii 'hiding' Obama birth record

Shocker! Obama still 'Kenyan-born' in 2007

The State That is Leading the Fight Against Obama


A story with more holes than a wedge of cheese

Recently in a Sonoran News Guest Editorial Carefree Vice Mayor Price, claiming she did not violate the Open Meeting Law, had this to say about how she formed her opinion about four-year staggered terms. She wrote, “My opinion was based on conversations with newly elected Council Members BEFORE we were even sworn in, and answers made by almost every council member to questions by the public during the Town Hall Meeting in November.”

However, her story has more holes than a wedge of Gruyere de Comte cheese. On April 3, 2012 at a town council meeting she stated, “As you know I have touched base with each of you and I believe that all the council members seem to be in agreement to support four year staggered terms.”

Somewhat incredulously Councilman Van Allen asked, “Melissa, have you really spoken to all of us ... about this?” She replied, “Yes.” Councilman Van Allen wanted to make sure of her reply and asked, “Yes?” Glancing at members of the council, she replied, “Yes, who did I not speak to?”

At the May 1, 2012 town council meeting during the “Call to the Public” segment I said, “As Vice Mayor Price has stated, she called everyone before the council meeting on the topic of four-year staggered terms.” I invited her to comment about her telephone calls; she said nothing and made no effort to refute what I said.

However, the fact that she made telephone calls to each of the other council members was confirmed at the May 1 council meeting. On that date Councilman Gimson said, “I received a phone call from Vice Mayor Price.” Councilman Farrar stated, “I received a similar call.”
Clearly she called every council member just before the April 3 meeting.

She further claims her view on four-year staggered terms was formed “during the Town Hall Meeting in November.” The record shows there was no such public meeting last November. No doubt she is referring to a private HOA meeting that Councilman Miller mentioned on May 1 when he said, “back in November of last year we had these Saturday morning HOA board members and public meet with the council.”

That meeting undoubtedly also constituted a violation of the Open Meeting Law. The vice mayor doesn’t know enough to quit when she’s behind.

Jim Peirce



Thanks for using my guest editorial. The Website really looks good as always: great design, color, etc. Very easy to read and professionally done.

I cover a lot of subjects though recently have been leaning toward political stuff since it is a very important election year; one that could decide if this country will ever return to the way we knew and loved it or continue to be strong armed into a welfare state headed by a demagogue with ever increasing national government power over state's rights.

If there is anything else of mine you wish to use, please feel free to use it. You and I are on the same wavelength and I always feel privileged to be read in Sonoran News.

Jim Mcallister


“Fair” an overused vague adjective

The word “fair” is vague, at best. In order to better understand this over used adjective, let’s look at something all Americans understand ... SPORTS. Major league baseball is grossly unfair: Hall of Fame hitters only get a hit 30 percent of the time and only 22 players in the history of MLB ever hit 40 percent of the time. So, to make things ”fair,” pitchers will not be allowed to throw the ball faster than 45 miles per hour. Then, virtually anyone can get a hit. No more 90+ mile per hour pitches. To make it really “fair,” if the pitch is over 45 miles per hour, the batter is awarded a single. Punishment always accompanies fairness. How about the NFL? The players are too big and too fast. So, the maximum weight allowed will be 180 pounds plus no one will be permitted to run 40 yards faster than 10 seconds.
Now that’s “fair!” Finally, in the NBA, no player can exceed 5’10” in height. What this creates is mediocrity; exceptional athletics become a thing of the past. Fairness breeds mediocrity!
This fairness concept can apply to all fields of endeavor: business, industry, the arts, etc. Federal, state and local governments are attempting to legislate fairness on a daily basis. What they have achieved is mediocrity; lower standards and handicapped exceptional performance. The classic example is “K thru 12 Public Education.” Since the inception of the Federal Education Department in the 1970s, there has been a steady decline in the performance of this government monopoly. The effort to make this system “fair” has made it mediocre, at best. Average in all endeavors encourages mediocre performance; awarding all cheapens the award and sets lower standards.

In the “Declaration of Independence,” our “Founding Fathers” do not reference fairness. What they do say is “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” The United States Constitution Preamble states “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish the Constitution for the United States of America.” Nowhere in either of these documents can be found anything resembling a fairness doctrine. Note the “Founding Fathers” careful selection and placement of the words “pursuit,” “provide” and “promote.” Time, greed, complacency, corruption and politics have eroded the definitions of these important words; “pursuit,” “provide” and “promote.”

From conception until the grave there is no fairness; we come into this world with an opportunity to make the best of what we have, no more, no less. Our “Founding Fathers” have laid the ground work for “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” It is incumbent upon us to live up to that standard.

George A. Ross
Cave Creek


Is Obama mentally sound?

The American Legion and the VFW are up in arms again about Obama's second attempt to screw military veterans out of their VA medical benefits! What is amazing that and other websites say it never happened, but at one time you could see and hear Obama on YOUTUBE.COM saying that our all-volunteer military knew the risks.

The first incident occurred in 2009. Vets feared that businesses would not hire them because Obama wanted to shift the entire insurance burden on the companies health insurance plans. Now TRICARE, the Defense Department’s health plan is under attack. Like in the case of Capital Gains Taxes Obama has an obsession of trying different routes to get what he wants. Determination is one thing, but this obsession runs much deeper and points out a true character flaw. Psychologist Sam Vaknin has written volumes on Obama's Narcissistic qualities and I wish other psychologist would step forward and help save this country from another four years of this mad man!

Joseph DuPont
Towanda, Pennsylvania


Man behind the curtain

In 1939s Wizard of Oz Frank Morgan admonished Judy Garland's Dorothy to " no attention to the man behind the curtain." Barrack Obama has a man behind the curtain hoodwinking the naive of America much like the Wizard fooled the residents of Oz.

Before his death Andrew Breitbart drew back the curtain unmasking our wizard as a fake. The Tin Man's compassionate heart was nothing more than 99 weeks of bribe money borrowed from our grandchildren, the Scarecrow's brains, our failed public schools and university indoctrination centers, and the Lion's courage, our foreign policy under Barrack Hussein Obama, we saber rattle in Libya and Syria, but turn tail at the mention of Iran. (No reflection on our brave active service members.)

Thanks to Breitbart and others, we now see this man, unfamiliar with "Death before dishonor," more clearly. (He wears dishonor like a badge.) Vetted and expose his life and background no longer sub-rosa, so unlike those heady days of the 2008 media love fest.
After three plus years of financial scorched earth policies, Obama chooses the Communist battle cry "Forward" as his central campaign slogan. Crowing that he killed Osama, who at his death was less the long-term threat to America than Obama himself.

Perhaps in November we may all be married to gay - 20th Century definition - "having or showing a merry, lively mood."

Randy Edwards
Cave Creek


Treachery and treason

Americans need to know our own government is the problem and that it controls a great deal of the situations around the world that seemingly threaten us. Certainly nearly every dictator or communist system in the world has been set up with the help of either our State Department and/or the CIA since World War II.

Like it or not, it is American Insiders that influence organizations such as Haliburton through the Council on Foreign Relations (subversives against the American people). These same people supply our armed forces and they are helping Communist China to become a military superpower through fake "free trade" agreements and moving American technology and industry to this and other tyrannical nations.

This is what has gone on and is happening now. It's Obama's job to destroy our currency, so Americans will be forced to subjugate themselves under a world currency to be controlled by a tyrannical oligarchy set to take world control through the United Nations.

It is time for the American people to be informed and educated about the true nature of the treachery and treason that has been committed against "We the People." Go to, learn the truth and write letters to Congress before "Liberty and Freedom" fade away into a distant memory.

Ed Ventreska


The price and bill for our freedom has come true

We have arrived at a defining moment in the history of our great nation. It is time to defeat the person known to us as Barack Hussein Obama, whoever he may be, wherever he came from and everything that he stands for.

This is your moment and your call to action to begin raising the hundreds of millions of dollars needed to stop this ego-manic and his corrupt, divisive, godless and incompetent administration.

We who stand against him must begin right now, dollar by dollar, as little or as much as we can each afford, to provide a war chest of cash to battle against the worst mistake to ever rise to the Oval Office.

The price and bill for our freedom has come due. Are you ready to answer the call and do all you can do?

Every dollar counts … join the battle and donate today to:
One Nation – Unified Against Tyranny

Tom Carbone


Checking in with constituents?

The members of the U.S. House of Representatives have been working in Washington on 41 of the first 127 days of this year. They are planning to be in session half of the remaining weeks. How long would you keep your job if you worked like that? Even when they show up they fail to address the biggest problems facing the country. It would take a 50 percent tax increase in order to balance the so called budget yet they are avoiding the problem while the debt grows by 1200 billion dollars per year.

The real problem is you and I let them get away with it. They work for us and we pay them $174,000 per year to do it. Make a commitment to write or call your representative once a week and express your views. See how they respond and let that be your guide to voting this November.

Irving B. Welchons III
Charlotte, North Carolina


We need civilian emergency response to avoid loss of liberty

Most people are aware that the greatest loss of liberty occurs when one’s own government centralizes power, not from some invading force. This loss happens most frequently during war. After the war, the centralized power is reduced, but never back to the original level. This same phenomenon is now occurring with respect to disaster preparedness. Most responses are being planned by government, and at increasingly higher levels of government. If we want to retain our freedoms I believe civilians and those not involved in law enforcement must organize and plan so government does not completely preempt this field. My last position in the Air Force Reserve was Emergency Preparedness Liaison Officer for the Air Force and I could see then (middle 90s) that emergency response was being taken over by government entities. The pace only quickened after 9/11. Some provisions in laws like the Patriot Act reinforce this trend. We need to exercise the eternal vigilance that is the price of liberty.

Roy Miller


The Tipping Point

This administration’s policies are eroding our freedoms and our options to make a better life for ourselves with their out of control spending, failure to pass a budget and staggering debt.

When state senator Scott Brown was elected it sat the nation on its heels. It was the first time in almost 50 years that Massachusetts had elected a GOPer to the senate. It was a clear message from the voters. Yet the administration continues to ignore that message. Congressional primaries are now coming into full swing and Indiana voters recently elected a Tea Party challenger over their 36 year incumbent. Wow.

We should all follow their lead and vote out the career politicians. We have precious little time left to recover from the damage they are doing. This year is critical. We are at a tipping point. Ask you candidate of choice to go through the GOOOH process so you can see where he/she stands on the issues.

Cecilia Rice
Texas City, Texas


ACE Hardware really is “the place"

About a week ago the lock broke on my front entry door. Upon removing the lock assembly from the door, I saw that the only obvious broken part was a flat metal shaft. So I proceeded to go down to Karsten Ace Hardware at Tatum and Dynamite to see if they had the part. The gentleman I dealt with searched for the part but could not find an exact match. So instead of sending me on my merry way he searched some more and found a close match laying around in the back room. He then proceeded to grind and file down the part ‘til it fit on my lock. He spent about 20 minutes or more helping me out and when I asked him how much I owed him he said "NOTHING." It was not a "new" part he gave me and therefore would not charge me. "Just come back and see us" was his parting comment. With service like that, you can be sure I will. You won't find personalized service like that in the big box stores.

Virginia M. Steffen
Cave Creek