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Sheriff Joe and the Cold Case Posse reveal new details

Fellow Patriots,
As part of their investigation to debunk speculation that Obama was actually born in Kenya, the Cold Case Posse checked to determine whether a young mother with an infant son arrived in the United States from Kenya (or elsewhere) shortly after Obama’s reported Aug. 4, 1961 date of birth.

The only problem: THE RECORDS ARE MISSING.

Out of ten years’ records of the Immigration and Naturalization Service cards filled out by passengers arriving on international flights of the United States, only one week is missing from the National Archives in Washington, D.C., – the week of Barack Hussein Obama’s birth, and nobody seems to know where they went. The investigation report reads, “to date, investigators have not been able to locate the relevant airline passenger flight manifests for 1961.”

Glenn Fuller
Editor, NoSmokeSignals


The most important decision the Supreme Court will ever make!

I sincerely thank the people of those States who are attempting to preserve all of our Constitutional rights across America. What Obama and the Democrats have done by passing ObamaCare is to make us all slaves to the insurance companies with no supply and demand pressures on rates. This is a defining moment in our history which will tell us if our fore-founders wasted their time in creating our Constitution.

Those who took an oath to support and defend the Constitution and voted for ObamaCare should be voted out of office. Unfortunately it is deeper than ObamaCare. Recent national security laws and executive orders are even greater affronts to our rights than mandatory health insurance. We have a Supreme Court that has already admitted using foreign laws to rule on our laws!  We have Supreme Court members and a President who feel our Constitution is flawed. Ruth Bader Ginsburg recently said she liked other constitutions better than ours. I'd like to know what our service men are dying for. Obviously it is not to protect and defend our Constitution! For US Constitution is fading away before our very eyes!

Joseph DuPont
Towanda, Pennsylvania


The Kontinuing Kirby scam

My elderly neighbor received a call from a Century Co (they also claim to be Eagle Trading) that asked a simple trivia question and then told her she had won a food processor. As luck would have it, a representative was in the area and could deliver it right away. She called and told me and I told her not to let anyone in. The representative showed up and pretty soon I could see that he had inveigled his way in to the house. His sole reason for being there was to sell her a Kirby vacuum cleaner. There was no prize. He lied. I went over to the house and sent him away with a flea in his ear and a warning not to return.

A quick Google search reveals that this is their Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). It also reveals that they employ, shall we say, urban-looking youths as they are more likely to intimidate seniors. In fact, there is an entire thread on their tactics here. Citizens be warned.

Gary Kiernan
Cave Creek


Gay marriage with your coffee?

I have just learned the Starbucks Corporation has begun a public campaign to rewrite our marriage laws and to recognize same-sex marriage. I was shocked to hear of a major corporation willing to alienate such a large portion of their constituents in favor of a political agenda.

I have decided I will no longer buy my coffee at Starbucks – there are plenty of community coffeehouses that both support my values and need my business. While there’s little I can do alone to make Starbucks reconsider their position, together we can make a statement.
There are many in our community, I know, who believe in marriage and would be deeply offended to know that a portion of every cup of Starbucks coffee they buy is being used to lobby in favor of same-sex marriage.

It’s time to dump the Starbucks habit, at least for my family. And I invite others to join me by learning more at

Stanley J Staich


Fire protection and EMS – Vote No

Most Cave Creek property owners are aware that we have the opportunity to vote on Fire Protection and EMS on Tuesday, May 15.  The single issue is to continue the status quo with Rural/Metro (vote NO [tax]) or have the town contract with Rural/Metro and pay for the service with a property tax (vote YES).

Your NO vote will ensure that the 45 percent of property owners who are currently carrying 100 percent of the cost for the entire town will continue to have the privilege of paying for the 55 percent of us who are getting a free ride.  Both the payers and the freeloaders enjoy the same good service from Rural/Metro. The downside of the NO vote, of course, is that the existing model is not sustainable.  The very benevolent 45 percent who currently carry 100 percent of the financial burden to keep Rural/Metro here for all of us are seeing the cost of their annual subscription rates rise significantly and are understandably dropping their subscriptions and joining us freeloaders.  And, those declining numbers of benevolent subscribers who continue to subscribe are seeing their rates rise even more.  It’s kind of a nasty spiral and when Rural/Metro cannot make a profit, they will leave.

None of us want a property tax, but you can pay the piper now or pay him later when there will be a very entertaining, but risky period of time in terms of public health and safety when the mayor, who voted for the status quo, is waving his arms and pointing fingers while trying to restore fire protection and EMS in Cave Creek without the resources to do so. Until then, all of us freeloaders thank you subscribers for paying for our fire protection and EMS and encourage you to continue.  Is Cave Creek a great place or what?

Bob Williams
Cave Creek


People stand in line to be in the 1 percent

It's too funny.  And very revealing about human hypocrisy and the level of thinking of the rabble.

Millions of people have stood in line to buy lottery tickets for the $640 million jackpot of the Mega Millions lottery.  No doubt, many of them believe and embrace the Marxian class hokum about the 99 percent vs. the 1 percent.

In other words, they hate the 1 percent and want to take their money for the good of society (translation:  for the good of themselves), even though most of the 1 percent are wealthy because they worked hard for the money or invented or produced something that people wanted or needed. 

But it's okay to do nothing other than to buy a lottery ticket to get $640 million and be in the 1 percent.  Granted, it's possible that they don't want the money for themselves and are planning to give all of it to the less fortunate or government if they win.  Hahaha!

At the same time, they bash businesses for making a profit, although profits average a measly 5-6 percent of revenue, or far less than what government bureaucrats take out of tax revenue before returning what is left to taxpayers in the form of government programs and services, many of which are harmful to society.  Yet government lotteries make a lot more than 5-6 percent, and the odds of getting something in return for one's money are, in the case of the Mega Millions, about one in 750 million.   By comparison, when people shop at Walmart, there is a 100 percent chance that they will get something in return for their money.

As I said, it's too funny – so funny that I want to weep in despair.

Mencken's Ghost 


Regarding Holy Week and Easter:

Holy Week is upon us. It is a time when we fast with joy, submitting ourselves to spiritual struggles in preparation for the sorrowful Passion and joyful Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Jesus told us that "unless a grain of wheat falls to the earth and dies, it remains just a grain of wheat. But if it dies it produces much fruit. The man who loves his life loses it, while the man who hates his life in this world preserves it to eternal life" (John 12:24).

Similarly, unless we do penance and die to our earthly ways we cannot enter into heaven.
We often hear from the pulpit today that material things offer no barrier to salvation as long as we do not hold an inordinate desire for them. Usually this is said in a way so as not to offend or disturb the wealthy. But Jesus tells us in all clarity: "It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God" (Matt 19:24).

What is demanded of all Christians at this time is fasting, abstinence, restriction of personal desires and pleasures, intense prayer, confession, and similar ascetic elements.

Holy Week is a sacred time of divine grace, which seeks to detach us from things material, lowly and corrupt in order to attract us toward things superior, wholesome and spiritual. It is a unique opportunity to remove from the soul every inordinate passion so as to make room for the immense rejoicing and gladness of Easter.

Limiting ourselves to what is absolutely essential and necessary in an attitude of dignified, deliberate simplicity is a formula for patience and tolerance; it is an opportunity to acknowledge and emphasize our need for God's assistance and mercy, placing our complete trust in His affectionate providence; it is a prescription for salvation.

Paul Kokoski
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada


This country is broke

This country is broke.  More than $15 trillion in debt and the Democrats think they can spend our way out of the financial mess we are in.  The Republicans pretend they are against that by offering a plan for more spending with slightly less deficit.  The same incumbents that got us in this situation are re-elected every two years.  When will the insanity end? 

GOOOH.Com has a system for selecting candidates to the House of Representatives that are pledged to stop this madness.  Citizen representatives who are not bought by special interest money or big party agenda and will support term limits.  2012 is a critical election year.  If we wait any longer, it may be too late to recover from the massive spending and over-regulation.  Help fire the current Congress and return our government to the Constitutional Republic it once was. 

Roy T Newsom
Granbury, Texas