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FOX News: from conservative to malignant

Launched in October 1996, the Fox News Channel was almost immediately under fire from the liberal left, which intensified as the programming slowly increased its market share of TV viewers.

Over the years, Rupert Murdoch’s network has agitated “progressive” organizations such as Media Matters and others with an array of store front “conservatives” such as Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Mike Huckabee, and Glenn Beck, to name a few.

Early on the News Corporation felt the need to defend its conservative programming with its trademarked phrase “fair and balanced.”

Accusations have ranged over the past decade of “conservative bias” and misrepresentation of facts, beginning with the 2000 Gore vs. Bush presidential race.

The monitoring and scrutiny of the network has only increased with time, spawning more defensive slogans such as the ever popular “we report – you decide”. Perhaps the growing criticism peaked in 2009, with the much publicized report of the News Corporation being on an Obama white house “enemies list".

While the network has continued to feature on again – off again conservative “personalities” who appear to be for the most part, GOP shills, the constant pressure and brow beating by the homicidal left seems to be grabbing a foothold.

In what appears to be a slow-motion metamorphosis from FNC’s conservative ideals and values, there have been signs of change ranging from slight compromise to an all out cave-in to the screaming mimis in the progressive infirmary.

It was just last year that FNC owner Rupert Murdoch called for amnesty for illegal aliens, sending shock waves throughout the conservative community. This would raise questions on just how much influence Murdoch’s personal political views have, not only on the network, but its affiliates as well.

In a corporate game of musical chairs, Fox acquired its current Phoenix affiliate KSAZ channel 10 in 1994 when four local broadcast stations traded network affiliations. Formerly KOOL TV, which was founded in 1953 and touted cowboy star Gene Autry as an owner, the station has presented a seemingly “conservative” aura well before the association with FOX.

The station’s news anchors in the 1970s, particularly Dave Nichols - whose reputation for “no nonsense news reporting” was well known, presented an honorable and reliable source for local and national news to Phoenix viewers. And who could forget that memorable KOOL slogan “blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord?”

The recent cracks in the News Corporation’s conservative foundation seem to be spilling over to its long arms that reach into millions of homes – the affiliates. For the past several weeks, KSAZ Fox 10 in Phoenix has been on a terror to smear the one man in America who has done more that anyone on the continent to stop illegal immigration and amnesty for the invaders, Arizona’s Senate President Russell Pearce.

Beginning back on May 19th, Fox 10 aired a pro-illegal immigration segment aimed at Pearce that left no stone unturned. The bulk of the segment featured a spokes-mouth from the Southern Poverty Law Center, who pulled the race card so many times in the interview that it became an obvious “hit piece”, intended as fuel to the fire for the Pearce recall movement whose signature deadline was eleven days away.

Fox 10 was out for blood, even pulling out the 2006 “email controversy” that open-border thugs used back then to stop Pearce’s progress in protecting Arizona from the Bush-sanctioned invasion from Mexico. They then moved on to comment that certain Arizona state Republican senators (who would remain anonymous) had told them that Pearce was pushing his agenda to vigorously, to which they objected.

One would have to guess that at least one of those unnamed senators was immigration lawyer and invasion profiteer Adam Driggs, who helped eight other “Republicans” kill five illegal immigration bills back in March.

KSAZ polished off their assassination attempt desperately trying to tie Pearce with a self-proclaimed “neo-Nazi,” and a little snot blowing from Bill Straus of the Anti-Defamation League. I personally could not believe what I was seeing and hearing.

Fox 10 has continued their pro-illegal, smear Russell Pearce marathon into June by interviewing the gloating Pearce recall campaign chairman, Chad Snow, fresh from submitting an alleged sufficient number of valid signatures to force a special election for the District 18 senate seat.

Snow claims huge support from Pearce’s voter base including “elderly people, Republicans, members of the LDS church” and pukes out the standard you’re-a-racist fare: "we want to send a message to Sen. Pearce, to every legislator down here at the Arizona Legislature that this kind of extreme, ideologically driven policies will no longer be tolerated in our state".

Fox 10 acclaims and validates Chad Snow by pointing out he is a member of the LDS church and a “long time Republican leader.” I suppose that is why he frequents the wading pool of liberal vomit at the Phoenix New Times.

What Fox 10 conveniently does NOT disclose is that Chad Snow runs “Snow & Carpio,” a law firm specializing in filing workers’ compensation claims for “immigrants” and “undocumented workers.” I actually called the news room at KSAZ and quizzed them on why THIS was not in their report. The smear lemming on the line told me Snow’s livelihood was “not news,” and did not meet my demand of “fair and balanced."

It is frighteningly apparent that something has changed at KSAZ Fox 10 and they are hell bent on destroying Arizona’s greatest defender of state finances, safety, and sovereignty. Has this Fox News Corporation affiliate been handed down the command to derail Arizona’s leader in the fight against illegal immigration?

Has Rupert Murdock himself passed the word that KSAZ Fox 10 will join other Phoenix broadcasters in hijacking, ridiculing, and vilifying the state’s progress in fighting a corrupt federal government which allows a foreign country to eat Arizona one block at a time like a cancerous tumor?

They malign – you decide.

Greg Farley | Phoenix

Open borders lobby targets SB 1070 author Russell Pearce

Our friend and Arizona's national hero, State Senate President Russell Pearce, needs our help and he needs it today! The Open Border crowd is targeting him for a recall. Why? Because Russell has done more to stop illegal immigration than any other legislator in the country. And he won't stop until the job is done.

Let me be clear about this. Russell Pearce is the most effective legislator on immigration issues in the country....state or federal! For starters, he is the architect of SB 1070-the most effective piece of legislation against illegal immigration ever written and passed. It is so powerful a tool against illegal immigration that Open Borders Obama is suing Arizona in federal court to try and block it!

But that's not all. For years Russell has been relentless in his efforts to rid his state of illegal immigrants. Whether it was Prop 200 (no voting or social services for illegals) or the tough "Legal Arizona Workers Act" the Supreme Court upheld last week (permitting states to require businesses to use E-verify and allowing them revoke their business licenses if they knowingly hire illegals) Russell was the man behind it.

La Raza and their cronies have tried for years to stop Russell-using the courts, a deceitfully named ballot proposition, and Obama's Justice Department. But Russell keeps fighting and he keeps winning.

Help Team America Fight Open Borders Smears Against Russell Pearce

Nearly a hundred thousand illegal aliens have left the state, and the pro-amnesty U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the ethnic lobbyists know that it is only a matter of time before Russell manages to eliminate illegal immigration from Arizona. Dozens of other states have already followed Russell's lead, and as they see how the Pearce formula works in Arizona, that number will multiply.

And, despite years of Washington failing to secure our borders, the STATES will have done it!

Russell's enemies are now so desperate to remove him that they're engaging in a mean-spirited campaign to get him out of office-and we can't let them succeed.

I spoke with Russell a few days ago and he was just informed that his opponents have collected enough signatures to force a recall election sometime in the next nine months. So now he has to beat the recall and then turn around and win reelection. He asked if Team America would help him and I let him know we would be with him until he was reelected-then we would push him to run for governor!

Help Team America Fight the Russell Pearce Recall

Russell needs a quick infusion of funds to get his campaign started. Money will be pouring into the coffers of the recall campaign--La Raza and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce will make certain of that. And of course their friends in the media will help them wage an unrelenting smear campaign against our friend. (In fact, they have already started to go after his family!)

We need your help! Please write a check to "Citizens who Oppose the Pearce Recall" and send it to us at:
Team America PAC
501 Church St. Suite 315
Vienna, VA 22180

Because it is a recall effort corporate funds are welcomed and contributions are unlimited!! Russell has not had time to set up a website-but when he does we will publish a direct link. If you prefer you can send a contribution directly to Team America. We will be working with Russell every week to make certain he has what he needs to beat this recall. We need to keep Russell in the battle!

Because it is a recall effort corporate funds are welcomed and contributions are unlimited!!
I hope you will join us in this battle to keep Russell Pearce in the Arizona Senate fighting for American families and American workers.

Warmest regards,

Bay Buchanan | Co-Chairman, American Post - Gazette | Distributed by COMMON SENSE, in Arizona


Immigrant youth object to Obama using the Dream Act to raise money for re-election

United We Dream launches national petition, No Solicitation Until You End Our Pain!

President Obama recently addressed a crowd in El Paso, Texas regarding immigration Reform. DREAMers from across the country watched, waiting, and hoping to see a concrete action plan that would complement the next day’s historic introduction of a bill that would bring relief to the more than 2 million Dreamers that would qualify for the DREAM Act. That same evening, President Obama sent out a fundraising email about his immigration speech. The Obama campaign email solicits for a contribution on their website and on Facebook to raise funds for his 2012 presidential campaign, using the DREAM Act.

Instead of choosing to end our pain, he has chosen to use our suffering to grow his campaign. We find this both disappointing and offensive and demand that the Obama campaign take this ad down immediately.

Leaders, activists, and supporters across the nation are angry by an immigration speech quickly followed up with a call for donations for passing the DREAM Act, asking people to pay for his leadership.

Erika Andiola, leader in United We Dream (UWD), and the Arizona Dream Act Coalition said, “The president hasn’t used his power to bring relief to immigrant families, but now expects people to make donations and grant him their vote.

This Thursday, we launched a nationwide petition requesting the Obama campaign to take down these ads and focus on delivering results like stopping the deportations of DREAMers before asking for our money. “We Ask President Obama to take down these ads immediately and take real action in stopping our deportation as we join leaders like Senator Reid, Durbin and Reps. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and Howard Berman in our fight to pass the DREAM Act,” said Felipe Matos, UWD leader and member of Students Working for Equal Rights in Florida.

In response to Obama’s inaction, the American Immigration Council, including two former INS directors clearly express President Obama’s executive authority to stop the deportation of innocent young undocumented people in this country. UWD asks our President to stop using Dreamers as political toys to further his political career. Lives are not games. We demand that our President take the DREAM Act fundraising ads down from his website and Facebook immediately and start taking real action to stop the deportations and pass the DREAM Act!


Sheriff to hold Town Hall Meeting in Scottsdale Bar District

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio will hold a meeting in Scottsdale to discuss law enforcement and community issues with residents, neighbors and business leaders.
Scottsdale’s bar business has exploded. As a consequence, public safety, law enforcement and code enforcement issues in Scottsdale have escalated. There is a lack of confidence in law enforcement in Scottsdale, where there are 1,300 felony warrants and 6,200 other warrants. Area residents and merchants feel police are protecting offending bar owners and patrons while harassing victims who report violations. Citizens have asked the Sheriff to step in.

“According to the Arizona Constitution; when citizens feel they have been failed by their municipal law enforcement agency, we have the option to petition the County Sheriff for law enforcement”, said Bill Crawford, “and that’s exactly what we are doing.” Crawford added, “In two days, 200 people signed a petition asking for the Sheriff to come to Scottsdale. The Sheriff has conducted crime suppression in many other areas of the valley.”

The meeting will be held on June 9, 2011 at 2 p.m. at Basic Training, 4390 North Miller Road, Suite C-107, (Miller and Camelback between PetSmart and Sunflower Market) Scottsdale, Arizona 85251.

Bill Crawford | Scottsdale



Barack Hussein O'bama traveled to Ireland in search of his missing apostrophe after being taken to the woodshed by Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. To the Prime Minister he had the gall to suggest that Israel commit suicide by returning to 1967 borders where terrorists could fire from closer range.

His Irish destination was Monie Gall where a maternal grandfather was born. Shockingly the roads were not lined with adoring fans so he felt compelled to start his speech by introducing himself. Really? The high-point of the trip appeared to be a speed bump that high-centered the presidential limo, unless you consider the gall it took to ignore protocol during a toast to the Queen of England.

Perhaps the Presidents luck will run better on a trip to the Middle East to seek out his Hussein roots or to Kenya, pardon me, Hawaii to revisit his apostrophe less South Pacific roots.

Randy Edwards | Cave Creek



Where are the Black People in your Black President git' up?

A thought we share:
Cruel Irony: definition: if the first so called Black President is the anti-Christ ... that is a cruel irony. After all the Black Man has been through in this country, the ultimate insult would be for that to be true.

That's cruel, almost cruel enough to be something Satan would do. BinLaden is dead because – he said so?? The first 4 years is joy, joy ... the last 3 years is awww hell ... I'm not saying that's the case, what I am saying is "question everything" ... we are they that rush to the front.

What has Maxine Waters done
Is the Fence finished
Bust the Banks
Clean Congress
Repel the invasion

Any questions ... Sincerely,

M.E. Goodwin | Los Angeles, California


I’m thinking about enrolling in Cactus Shadows

I'm currently a student at a local high school. My parents and I just moved into the Cave Creek area and the closest school is Cactus Shadows. Currently my parents are commuting me to my old high school. Lately we haven't heard many good things about Cactus Shadows. After I saw your article “Help eliminate drugs in school,” by Don Sorchych we are wondering if it would be a safe idea to enroll me in Cactus Shadows.

If you have any more information on the drug issue at Cactus Shadows will you please email me more information? Please if you don’t mind keep my name and school secret.

Name withheld by request

Editor note: Our investigation is yielding leads to drug peddlers. We believe there is substantial drug activity at CSHS. Currently, your best bet is to talk to students. They know, but are reluctant to talk to us – lots of fear.


Legalizing assisted suicide

Pro euthanasia groups such as “Dignity in Dying” give as a reason that most of the disabled people support assisted suicide. Nothing could be further from the truth:

The Scope survey conducted in the United Kingdom concludes that some 70 percent of those who are physically handicapped are terrified by the pressure being applied nowadays on the British Parliament in order to legalize this practice. If the assisted suicide were approved, after having shown a negative image of the disabled as people having “lives without dignity”, there would be an appeal to their solidarity, asking them to accept dying before their time so as to avoid being a family, social and financial burden.

Once again we encounter a subterfuge by which inhumane laws (what could be more inhuman than to apply pressure on a helpless person so that he requests his own death), while at the same time proclaiming themselves as liberating for the person, in this case of his suffering, even to the extent of ending the person’s life.

These laws are predestined to cause unhappiness and the fear of being unwanted because of being different, they also do away with the freedom of personal choice. The developed world has prostituted the “human being” concept and is wanting to redefine it again, not taking into account the human being’s spiritual soul, which is a creator and imperishable and which God will review once natural death occurs. To take possession of life is a temptation within our reach which proclaims that we are life’s makers and at the same time its executioners if that life suggests to us an imperfection or discomfort.

Pilar Montalbán | Barcelona, Spain

Sure, ‘tis Barry O’Bama!

Dear Mr, President:

You may feel that placing an apostrophe within your name and affecting a Gaelic singsong brogue makes you Irish, but - no - being of Kenyan Luo stock does NOT make you "Black Irish." Sincerely,

J-P. A. Maldonado | Phoenix