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Blaine Keith has appeared on these pages many times. He was sometimes called the energizer bunny and sometimes just an old tough marine. Blaine would entertain anyone for hours about his career in and around NASA and the space program, but refused to say much about his illustrious career in war. He would grumble that he didn’t discuss war experiences.

You may remember he lost his hat temporarily, which hosted his medals earned the hard way in war and as the first astronaut. His grandchildren kept asking about the medals and how he got them. He reluctantly wrote a ten page explanation about some war experiences and the whats and whys of the medals.

With an article that long, printing wasn’t an option but the web is generous with respect to space and we included the article in the March 16 online edition on the community page with a title: “Shoot for the moon.” It is a fascinating read by a man who is an all-brave patriot and man of God. Click here for Blaine's article.

Traitors are smug Democrats in Republican clothes

canfieldAll of us who recognize the severe problems Arizona faces because of illegal aliens are outraged by the defection of Democrats who call themselves Republicans, which sunk Senate President Russell Pearce’s plans to mitigate the illegal alien threats.

One of the leaders of this band of Democrats in Republican clothes was Nancy Barto, our LD-7 choice for the Senate.

People who confronted Barto got answers that are clearly lies. Here is what she told people who criticized her votes.

“I don't have any respect for the Sonoran News as their reporters don't do their homework, therefore I do not read it, thank you.”

And, “They simply have never contacted me to ask about any issue, legislation or any other thing they have chosen to write concerning me or what they attribute to me. No verification whatsoever of the facts.”

Here is Linda Bentley’s response;

"’No verification whatsoever of the facts?’ Let's see ... I've watched the House and Senate committee hearings live, I have attended LD-7 meetings, candidate forums, each time Barto has run for office, I've accurately tracked her voting record and have read each one of her special interest legislation bills, i.e. optometrists being able to prescribe drugs without proper training, a bill to try to force my boss into paying for his neighbor's lavish improvements to an easement on my boss' property, and, my favorite, a bill that allows CCUSD to use bond money authorized by voters specifically for building a new high school to be used for any capital projects the district chooses upon a vote of as few as three school board members.

“When she was in the House of Representatives, she walked out rather than vote on an anti-illegal immigration bill, "to make a statement," and she has voted "present" on numerous occasions.

“I have also extensively researched campaign finance reports so I know who our elected officials are beholden to.

“So, what would my contacting her change? She has neither disputed nor corrected a single fact. She's never submitted a letter to the editor to correct anything attributed to her. Why? Because it is all factually accurate ... it came out of her mouth, on paper as legislation, out of committee and recorded with her vote, her walk-outs and her voting "present."

“She has said publicly what she has said, she has introduced legislation that's on record as being introduced by her and she has voted as the record indicates she has voted.

“I have verified it all, researched it all and have done way more than just my homework. She still cannot seem to give you a straight answer. The reason she doesn't like Sonoran News is because I do my homework.

“She also has still not stated with any specificity what she found objectionable about the bills she voted against or what Sonoran News has ever reported inaccurately.

“I don't do my homework? I think it's Barto who doesn't do hers.”

But what Linda didn’t flaunt is that she followed the money and found the defectors were supported by the same people who profit from cheap labor i.e. illegal aliens. Some of these RINOs said it was more important to get back to budget issues.


Illegal aliens are a huge budget issue! It is estimated illegals cost Arizona over $1 billion annually. Kicking them out of the state will approximate a balanced budget.

The key reason Senate President Russell Pearce lost is because the Arizona Chamber of Commerce sent a letter signed by business movers and shakers allowing the Bartos of the world to say they did it for business, our struggling small businesses. That is a despicable lie.

Pearce’s bills were a necessary part of legislation to balance the budget.

It pains me to read the Arizona Republic criticizing Pearce and trying to make him a Neanderthal while praising the RINOs for their duplicity. Of course that is their shtick, they are Democrat and pro-illegal alien all the way.

These “business” miscreants argue that protecting the border and elimination of illegals are a federal problem. Yes it is, but it has been their problem for forty years and they have done nothing. So that leaves it to states to deal with the issue. SB 1070 was a huge start. But it scares the hell out of the people who run the state, both Republican and Democrat. Republicans want the cheap wages and Democrats want their votes.

A couple of heavyweight tea party activists dropped by to discuss recall of those legislators who voted down Pearce’s bills. We are totally in agreement with the idea and will do everything we can to help eliminate legislators whose only goal is to remain in office.

Bentley’s well-researched article about these crucial votes was in the March 23 online edition; however we have republished the article on the front page in this issue.