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FEBRUARY 16, 2011

Your View

Lyn Hitchon's nefarious actions in posting a "letter from the dead" demand her immediate resignation and/or removal from the P&Z.

I went to the Maricopa County Library in Anthem on Feb. 2. All the high school "mall rats" were off that day. I guess they had a religious holiday, celebrating St. Philp of Punxsutawney'd Festival, otherwise known as Groundhog Day. How many days off do they get every month?

Like a character from Dogpatch I was stupified into being wordless and motionless when I read the Cave Creek town council voted not to refer a property tax question to residents. I would have offered odds of 50-1 it was a done deal with Town Manager Abujbarah pushing so hard for it. Now that the camel's nose is not in the tent, how does he plan to pay for his vision of transforming his town into another Scottsdale? Will he now want to rezone every available square foot from residential to commercial to generate sales tax revenue?

At the Sonoran News forum good soldier Carefree Vice Mayor Miller jumped in before Mayor Schwan could respond and took a hit for the team by stating he called the water company meeting because he wanted to learn about marketing the town. I sort of expected him to then offer to sell some prime New Jersey swampland, but he didn't.

Impeach Obama bumper stickers are visible in increasing numbers. I pray for critical mass.

I followed the signs but still could not locate the Carefree Circus.

Town Manager Usama stated the Rural/Metro parcel count was 1,500 fewer than the town parcel count. Vice-mayor Bunch, however, accepted Rural/Metro figures as gospel. Councilman Adam Trenk, during his election run, was supported by Rural/Metro; Trenk immediately joined the Bunch chorus of gospel. If a CPA attested to the new numbers presented by Rural/Metro in such a timely manner, it would give them better credence, but right now I only have a bad taste in my mouth.

I wish Mayor Schwan and his GOB-controlled Carefree council would stop trying to curry favor with a handful of whining local merchants and instead run the town on the basis of what is best for residents.

At the Sonoran News candidate forum former Carefree Councilman Gary Hayward, famous for having another councilman obtain a court-ordered harassment injunction against him, interrupted a speaker with an outburst. I was hoping fisticuffs would break out but no such luck as pacifist moderator Shelby Wilson quickly intervened.

As expected the GOB mob was out in force at the Sonoran News forum for Carefree council candidates. My favorite was the man who apparently spent part of a day typing up a fistful of questions.

And what choices are there? There's Arthur Gimson who has absolutely no experience, he's nasty and practices hypocrisy while preaching civility. The fact is they will end up with the only people running. The only potential real vote is the office of mayor.

Carefree residents who favor a property tax should just mail a check to Treasurer Wise payable to the Town of Carefree in the amount they believe fair. She will then send back a check for 30 percent of your contribution representing your tax savings. Then claim the other 70 percent as a charitable donation on your federal tax return. That way both you and the mayor will be happy.

Sonoran News forums moderator Shelby Wilson stated his property is zoned for a strip club. Why doesn't he cash in and save me a long drive? Fat chance of that happening!

Carefree Mayor David Charles Schwan believes that the town's streets will last indefinitely simply by applying basic road sealer. That might work on a Michigan gravel road but the need for expensive repaving is only a matter of time. The mayor's deferred maintenance sealer approach is just kicking the can down the road until after he leaves office.

The mayor of Carefree doesn't follow NFL football. He has lost my vote.

I find it extremely coincidental that the monopoly fire service company chief shows up with a new set of numbers just before the Cave Creek council meeting called to address sending a property tax for fire protection to the voters; numbers provided by the monopoly fire service company show the majority of town residents, at 59.21 percent, subscribe to Rural/Metro fire protection service. The implication seems to be the monopoly fire service company doesn't need to compete for an RFP, because 59 percent of the town properties subscribe, so the current system is working just fine, thank you, for Rural/Metro. Not to worry that subscription prices keep rising because the 40 percent riding free (excuse me – self insured) keeps increasing also, while subscriber count decreases.

Over the years I have been embarrassed and appalled at Lyn Hitchon's behavior. But using the deceased to spread her venom is simply inexcusable. I can only hope Mr. Stavoe will seek to bring criminal charges against both her and this Holly person. You can rest assured the Wild Holly Gallery will never see my friends or me again. I think it is high time the mayor request Ms. Hitchon's resignation from the P&Z.