NOVEMBER 11, 2015

Dr. Kelli Ward releases detailed plan to repeal ObamaCare

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Dr. Kelli Ward, who is running in the Republican primary against John McCain for the U.S. Senate, has created and just released a comprehensive healthcare road map -- The Patient Power Plan, to totally repeal ObamaCare. She points out “people who were happy with their healthcare, as well as doctors, have been forced to switch; premiums have gone up with no end in sight; doctors are leaving the profession; and according to the latest authoritative estimates, 30 million Americans remain uninsured.” Dr. Ward’s detailed plan will replace ObamaCare with real, free-market reforms. Some of the most important parts of her Patient Power Plan include:

- ObamaCare would be FULLY repealed, in its entirety, including both the employer mandate and the individual mandate.
- Control over Medicaid would be returned to the states.
- Free market competition between insurers would control premium costs.
- The broken promises of ObamaCare would be redeemed by ensuring universal health care for every American while saving trillions in taxes, spending, and regulatory costs.

For the complete plan visit Dr. Ward asks the logical question – “Where is John McCain’s plan? While the President’s failed agenda continues to weaken our healthcare system, erode our liberties, and cost us money, what has John McCain done to stop it?

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