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Coach Mike Hudnutt

September 23, 2015

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Friday’s game against Coconino was a very fulfilling evening. The Falcons seemed to come out with a chip on their shoulders to defend their nest. The boys did an excellent job establishing themselves both on offense and defense immediately. It was important that we had our young men step up and fill some different roles as we were battling some injuries at key positions. Step up is just what they did with taking a 35-0 halftime lead. One of our goals for the second half was to score and make the clock a running clock, the amount of points needed in high school for that to happen, which they did. The second goal was to get as many players in the game as we could to get them valuable playing experience. The last goal was to maintain a shutout, which they did with a 42-0 victory. The boys are showing a lot of selflessness which is important in football as it is such a team sport, which they are doing. The coaches are proud of this football team to this point in the season. Keep the focus Falcons!

The upcoming week is a bye week for your Falcons and is much needed. We have some players that need a week of lighter practice giving them time to get back to health. It will not be a week of doing nothing, as your Falcons will be taking on the number one ranked team in Division 3 the following week in the Paradise Valley Trojans. I encourage our community and students to PACK the nest to make it a place where they do not want to come and play on October 2nd. Your energy is important in the success of your falcons. So I challenge you all to come out and support your boys as they come to defend their nest.