Guest Editorial

By Capt. Joseph R. John  |  SEPTEMBER 2, 2015

Unlike the U.S., Saudi Arabia is building a 600-mile 'Border Wall' to shield itself from radical Islamic terrorists

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For nearly 7 years, American citizens have been told by the Obama administration, the left of center liberal media establishment, La Raza, and the leadership in Congress that it is impossible to build an effective border wall across the wide open southern border, in order to keep out Radical Islamic Terrorists, drug smugglers, human traffickers, convicted Illegal Alien criminal felons, Central American children carrying infectious diseases, Illegal Aliens from 50 countries worldwide, and a to prevent a new influx of Mexican Illegal Aliens from entering the United States. 

Although the funding required to build a border wall across the wide open southern border has been funded by Congress, the Obama administration refuses to build an effective border wall.  The San Diego Sector of the Border Wall was built as a result of the pressure placed upon the Department of Homeland Security by retired Congressman Duncan L. Hunter, USA/Ranger, when he was Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, and for over the last 9 years the San Diego Sector Border Wall has been proven to be very effective in excluding Illegal Aliens. 

The 5500 mile long Great Wall of China that is 21 feet high, was built in 476 BC and was effective for over 1700 years.  In 1953, the DMZ was created and spans the 160 mile wide Korean peninsula; it has been an effective border wall for 63 years.  The 87 mile Berlin Wall was built in 1961 and was a very effective border wall for over 28 years.  In 2004, Israel built a 403 mile border wall that is 25 feet high and has been effective at excluding Radical Islamic Terrorists from entering Israel.  Saudi Arabia is well on its way to completing a 600 mile border wall that has been very effective at excluding Radical Islamic Terrorists from entering the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; the diagram of the wall is pictured and described in the below listed article. 

The will of the American citizens have been intentionally ignored for the last 25 years by the US Chamber of Commerce, congressional leaders on both sides of the isle, the left of center liberal media establishment, La Raza, supporters of Illegal Immigration, and for nearly 7 years by the Obama administration; they continue to allege that an effective border wall across the wide open southern border cannot be built.  The US does not need to build a solid wall across the entire 2000 mile wide open southern border.  There are high traffic areas where a border wall must be built, there are other areas where the southern border can be controlled by employing mobilized national guard troops, drones, and sophisticated sensors, or a combination of one or more of them. 

During the annual migration of Illegal Alien children from Central America, encouraged by Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Program, over 400,000 of children with their chaperones flooded across the wide open southern border in July 2015 alone. They were all released into the interior of the United States by the Border Patrol without being properly quarantined, in violation of Federal Immigration Laws. Since the massive influx of Illegal Alien children from Central America, who have not been medically screened, the United States has had outbreaks of numerous illnesses that were once eradicated such as dangerous strains of Flu, Scalia, TB, Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Smallpox, Leprosy, Malaria, and in August 2015 there were 3 deaths from plague in 3 states—those outbreaks of infectious diseases have been covered up year after year by the Obama appointees in the Center for Disease Control. For every day the Obama administration continues to violate Federal Immigration Quarantine Laws, infectious diseases will continue to spread to the general population and American citizen children who are required to attend grammar school classes with Illegal Alien children from Central America with infectious diseases.  The average annual education cost per Illegal Alien child is $12,401 reaching a gross national cost for American taxpayer of nearly $1 billion.  Grammar schools across the nation are straining their educational resources with the repeated annual influx of Illegal Alien minors, and classroom sizes have increase to 50 students per class in many cities where they are being resettled, while progress in learning has been slowed to unacceptable levels, because so many of the students do not speak proper English negatively affecting learning.

American voters have been expressing their anger with Washington career politicians because for nearly 7 years, they have watched the effective elimination of the US Immigration System, the failure of the US government to enforce and protect the borders of the United States, and watched while one Federal Law after another has been violated by the Obama administration.  Americans from both parties and independents have been flocking to the banner of non-politicians and conservatives who are seeking their party’s nomination to run for the Presidency.  Those non-politicians and conservatives, running for president, have tapped into many of the below listed deep seated concerns of American citizens, and because year after year, career politicians have continued to promise to take certain action if they were re-elected, then after they were elected, have refused to take the corrective action they promised the voters they would take after they were elected. 

Some of the concerns of American citizens are the failure of Congress to close the wide open southern border, the failure of Congress to rein in the out of control spending by the irresponsible Obama administration, the failure of Washington politicians to use the power of the purse to repeal Obamacare which has driven the cost of health care thru the roof, the failure of Congress to use the power of the purse and the Federal Courts to enforce Federal Immigration Laws, the failure of the Congress to employ the power of the purse when passing the DOD budget in order to halt Obama’s  unilateral disarmament of the US Armed Forces to levels before WWI, the failure of elected members of Congress to take action to oppose “Political Correctness” in a bloated federal bureaucracy, the failure of the Congress to take action in Federal Court and legislatively to oppose the repeated violations of Federal Laws by the Obama administration, and the failure of Congress to abide by the US Constitution in its passage of International Treaties which they have allowed Obama to call “Agreements.” The American voters believe the system is broken, and no longer trust career politicians in Congress to correct the above listed serious failures in governing the Republic.

Joseph R. John, USNA ‘62

Capt. USN(Ret)

Chairman, Combat Veterans For Congress PAC