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don sorchychTRUMP

Is anything more important than the 17 Republicans vying for office?

Donald Trump has reminded us how far we have drifted away from freedom, becoming mice instead of free-thinking Americans.

We elected an unqualified half-black man so we wouldn’t be called racist. Our media has protected him in spite of known reasons he should never have been elected. He hid what he didn’t want us to know. They allowed it and we let them.

Now they dig deep to try to destroy Trump and any other Republican.

Our universities are run by a large majority of Democrats, even socialists and Communists who are dumbing down our children. Our K-12 institutions are doing the same.

We are forced by ridicule to adopt a new alphabet. Only blacks can use the N word (nigger). When I was youth we called colored people Negroes, then blacks now African American even though all blacks are not from Africa.

Why isn’t there an insistence that I should be called Yugoslavian American? I knew my Yugoslavian immigrant grandparents but even they identified themselves as American, period.

Our press, television and online programs ignore the events when blacks kill whites but if a black is killed by a white person the mourning period lasts for years as do headlines.

Then there are the tragedies caused by illegal aliens who are criminals as soon as they step across the border without a visa or overstay their visa. Criminals like them are labeled “migrants” by the liberal Arizona Republic. Trump was right about many of them being rapists and killers. Most newspapers don’t give the horrific background and country of origin of these vermin.

Our newspaper, both print and online, have conservative articles that will remind you of the losses we have suffered since the Obama administration was installed. Many useful articles are too long for print so we publish them online. In this issue there is a fine and instructive article by retired Navy Captain Joseph R. John titled “U.S. History Curriculum corrupted by Obama’s Department HEW.” Read it and find out why the generation change has been specific and wrong.

Another timely article with links is “Dismantling American’s national identity” by Frosty Wooldridge. He is always worth reading.

They do something another American is trying to do. Trump has broken our sleep cycle by dropping PC completely and revealed how our politicians have promised but not delivered. The system is so badly bent we need a fighter who will promise and deliver. Is Trump da man?

So far he is and I am one who believes he won the first debate.

Isn’t it interesting his first punch was at both parties about immigration? Both parties hid behind the need for “comprehensive immigration reform,” although they know that phrase is a code word for amnesty.

Only Trump would have the testicular fortitude to build an impenetrable wall and back it up with troops and modern technology. Then, what no politician wants to talk about is how you can ship twenty million illegal aliens out of the country. You can if you try. There is an interesting article which details a forecast showing a $320 billion savings by shipping ALL illegal aliens home. It is titled, “What if twenty million illegal “immigrants” vacated America.” (Visit )

Most countries shoot you if you sneak into their country. Why not here?

Rush Limbaugh said the day before the “debate” a source told them the big donors tasked the remaining nine Republicans to “take Trump out.”

After the event he said there was no evidence Republicans had received that direction but he wasn’t sure about Fox. Until this debate I thought Megyn Kelly was a strong conservative, beautiful, bright and knowledgeable. She still is but she went after Trump like the hammers of hell. Trump said she had “blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever.” She did, and made no bones about it; she was trying to put him down. So did Fox sell out? To claim balance, Fox has a few Democrats on the payroll and they are trite. Who wants to watch Alan Colmes, Dennis Kucinick, Geraldo Rivera and Juan Williams, to mention a few? Fox was supposedly in the Republican corner. Well, they were surely not in Trump’s corner. How dare he, they seemed to be asking.

Candidate Carly Fiorina jumped on Trump claiming sexism because he implied menstruating when he said Kelly was bleeding in the eyes and maybe somewhere else. Didn’t work, his poll numbers are still rising. A day or so after the debate he had gained seven poll points. Currently, Independent Trump is at 32 percent which is more than the sum of his nearest three competitors.

Trump has returned to Fox News, after President Roger Ailes assured him fair treatment.

Trump has kept his ace in the hole to keep the Republican establishment at bay. He is an Independent and if he acts on that threat, although he is now considering making a pledge to not run as a third-party candidate, he would sink the Republican Party.