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my viewBY DON SORCHYCH   |  mAY 6, 2015

Open Cave Creek Road and leave it open • Town advertising

The season is about to lapse into summer doldrums so we probably needn’t be concerned about the town giving our roads to a few select businesses, at least not now. But they have been doing it for years and it is time to address the issue.

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Guest Editorials:

BY john nolte  |  MAY 6, 2015

Baltimore is a Democrat problem, not America’s problem

Contrary to the emotional blackmail some leftists are attempting to peddle, Baltimore is not America’s problem or shame. That failed city is solely and completely a Democrat problem. Like many failed cities, Detroit comes to mind, and every city besieged recently by rioting, Democrats and their union pals have had carte blanche to inflict their ideas and policies on Baltimore since 1967, the last time there was a Republican Mayor.

BY matt barber  |  MAY 6, 2015

Will Christians be fitted with yellow crosses?

Amid the cross-country race to election 2016, the secular left’s utter disdain for both our Creator Christ and His faithful followers is fast approaching critical mass. Self-styled “progressives” – that is, America’s cultural Marxist agents of ruin – typically disguise their designs on despotism in the flowery and euphemistic language of “reproductive health,” “anti-discrimination” and “multiculturalism.”

BY Alan Caruba  |  MAY 6, 2015

What Today's American Politics Tells Us

There is something very disquieting occurring in American politics today. Most dramatically, the Democratic Party is offering a candidate who is a moral cesspool filled with lies and a history of behavior that would render anyone unthinkable for the highest office in the land. Something is very wrong when Hillary Clinton is, at this point, the only candidate for President the Democrats will be able to vote for and, worse, an estimated 47 percent of them will vote for her.

BY Frosty Wooldridge  |  MAY 6, 2015

Immigration Shutdown Now—Ecological Footprint Disaster

Part 4: Ecological footprint, destruction of wilderness, impact on land and animals, quality of life

You’ve heard the adage, “You can’t cheat Mother Nature. She always bats last.” Whether she creates a Hurricane Katrina or a severe drought in California, Mother Nature plays by her own rules. In other words, she can let us live or snuff us out.