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April 8 – 14, 2015


For All Signs:  As I explained last week, the last of the seven exact squares between Uranus and Pluto is over.  However, these two planets remain close enough to each other to represent periodic upheavals going through March of 2019,  when Uranus moves on to Taurus.  The Uranus/Pluto square will be triggered whenever the closer, faster moving planets travel through the orb of the Great Square.  This week Mercury trips the trigger.  Mercury rules travel and communications and all things associated with the two, such as roads, internet, phones and newspapers.  Negotiations could break down.  Upheavals could happen in any of those areas.

Aries:  This is a really challenging time for you and many others as well.  You may be presented with a relationship issue that will cause you to depart a toxic bond.  Perhaps it is time.  But if this is someone you truly don’t want to lose, then watch your temper and attempt to work through problems.

Taurus:  You likely are tagged to walk a tightrope of trials. = This began last week. = Your challenger is Saturn, planet of rules and regs. It is possible you have extended your body or your money farther than you should. The buck stops here until you return order to these departments of life.

Gemini:  You may feel the need to bring an abrupt halt to your relationship with a business or organization that is pulling a power play.  The IRS is out of bounds.  You have to deal with them.  However, you probably can find another bank, insurance company, or other business that promises more fair play.

Cancer:  After the eclipses and high tensions of the last several weeks, you need some rest and recovery time.  Circumstances may develop that will allow you to back away from the world for a few days while you regroup.  You will be fine after a several day rest.

Leo:  The planet Jupiter has been traversing your sign since last summer and has been retrograde for the last four months.  On April 8 Jupiter turns direct and through July you will be able to express yourself more freely and ask for what you want.  You may not realize that you’ve been holding back through the first quarter of 2015.

Virgo:  A sudden revelation concerning joint resources, debt, taxes, or insurance matters may cause you to reel wildly for a bit.  There could be a certain amount of drama in this department, such as a sudden need to access a large sum of money.  Hold onto your natural caution.  Think about this before you accept the drama at face value.  Is it your drama or that of someone else?

Libra:  The week begins in a peaceful fashion.  You will be finishing projects.  However, on the weekend you may encounter trouble with travel, the internet, or the law.  Whatever the obstacle, there is no getting around it.  So the best option is to accept that you cannot negotiate and not allow it to ruin your days.

Scorpio: It appears that two relationships are described by the aspects this week.  One is pleasant and enjoying positive plans ahead.  The other feels manipulative and possibly deceptive.  Don’t try to make things happen.  You must be as honest as possible in each of these situations.

Sagittarius:  Fun and games will be hampered this week as you are required to tend to business.  The new identity you have begun needs concentrated attention.  There may be a mishap in paper work or communications to resolve.  Meanwhile you are on the verge of better forward motion.

Capricorn:  Once again, this week may bring sudden developments concerning your home, your property, or your family.  For a time things will feel out of control and maybe difficult to understand on any rational level.  This struggle could be internal and of the ego.  Take time enough to discern the truth before moving impulsively.

Aquarius:  You may experience grumbling in your everyday world and it might be you.  Give no attention to rumors or here-say until the facts are clear.  It will improve your attitude.  Things are not going totally smoothly right now, but it will improve in the near future.

Pisces:  There are vampires loose in the world and the Fish tends to attract them.  If you have aged a bit, you probably have begun to smell them when they enter your vicinity.  Those who have not will be learning soon.  It's a required lesson for this sign.  Take care of yourself first when someone approaches you with a sad story.

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