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Don Sorchych

Nastygram • Bike week

Will LeRoy posted on Sonoran News's timeline:

"I normally do not post messages like this, but under the circumstances, I cannot help myself. This message is to DON SORCHYCH the owner and operator of the Sonoran News in Cave Creek. First of all Don, you can KISS MY ASS for all the cruel things you have said about my friend T.C. For those of you that do not know, T.C., is the owner of the Hog’s and Horses in Cave Creek. It is a great place and has become a place where the locals / old timers go. O’l Don (jack ass that he is) has been posting headlines about an unfortunate incident that T.C., had the other week. Truth be told, T.C., did nothing that ½ of the folks I know given the right or wrong circumstances would not do themselves. The bottom-line is that the police report is BS and Don has an agenda against T.C., and Adam Trenk. Ask yourself a question; with all of the crime committed in Cave Creek or any the hell where else, what kind of small penis laden man would run someone’s personal misfortunes as a headline in their local paper? The answer is “Don”. I used to love the Sonoran News and what it stood for. Today (after reading the entire limp dick B.S., published by the wanna-be cowboy “Don”) I will never support the paper again. It takes a special kind of small minded “man” to do what “Don” did, and I guess he must be really “special” in his own metro-sexual kind of way. So here it is: “Dear Don, I am offended by your remarks and I challenge you to a boxing match in the Hog’s and Horses arena as soon as your second ball drops and you become a man. 3 rounds. Say when, you miserable SOB.”

canfield cartoon

I am used to getting threats, which is why I am usually armed.

According to William, we should not print news and the attempted rape of a young woman isn't news. Really?

Half of the folks Will LeRoy knows, given the right or wrong circumstances, would do the same themselves. God help us!

What I haven't reported until this guy poked me with a stick, is that before we printed the first article I was visited by T.C. Thorstenson.

Thorstenson told me he wanted to advertise. I asked him if he was trying to bribe me. He went on to say that printing the information about his arrest would hurt him and the town because he would lose business and the town would lose taxes. There is much more, but when we received the MCSO report, it did not square with the story he told me.

Note he doesn't advertise here.

Bike week

Thank the Lord, Bike Week is over. The one week of intense suffering by the users of Cave Creek Rd. will be spared hours of frustration, delay and unconscionable noise.

And why does Cave Creek allow it? Councilman Ernie Bunch says because the town needs the taxes. Hmmm. Does the town get all the taxes? Unlikely. Do you believe the tent cities that move in regularly pay their taxes? Do as we have done and ask them if they will give you a discount if you pay cash. You will find you will get a three percent discount (the amount of Cave Creek's sale tax) in a heartbeat. Two young men who worked at the Hideaway tell us they encourage cash sales and pay their help in cash. So it is arguable whether all the bikes backing up and impeding traffic are positive for the town.

Furthermore, the main recipient of road closure is The Hideaway. I have mentioned twice to the Cave Creek Town Council the approval of that business was based on a lie; therefore, approval should be withdrawn and it should be discussed as a new application. Now with a business connection to the Tap Haus, matters are made worse by taking up what parking space they have with tents, trailers, RVs etc. turning the roads into their parking lots. The class of business the pirates bring here are likely tax dodgers. I hate taxes generally but as long as they are lawful they should be paid.

The town needs a vigorous and honest audit team to go in and do a forensic audit of businesses like these. As long as they know they can do under the table stuff like this they will continue.

We had a problem with a competitor who paid no taxes, of any kind, and got away with it for years, which put us at a disadvantage. They had millions of dollars owed to ex-employees, their printer, Cave Creek and Carefree and the IRS. They sued us and lost and we were awarded about $35,000 in legal fees. Surprisingly, the IRS never lifted a finger.

The businesses playing it straight here are at a disadvantage, while the cheaters continue to cheat.

I hope the four who are running for council to defeat the slate, make road closure a campaign issue and pass an ordinance to stop it.