APRIL 2, 2014

Taking direct action in support of religious freedom

Americans are making their voices heard with a mail-in campaign in support of Hobby Lobby's Owners and opposition to the Obamacare "abortion mandate"
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With the United States Supreme Court having heard arguments in the "Obamacare Abortion Mandate” case brought by the founders and owners of Hobby Lobby and the Green family, religious freedom and pro-life groups are banding together in unison to let their voices be heard with a powerful and unique direct, mail-in Campaign.

Built on the foundation of the largest mail-in campaign since the Vietnam War (the "Red Envelope Day" campaign in which over two million empty red envelopes were mailed to the White House) the new "Lobbying for Freedom" campaign gives individual Americans the opportunity to send FedEx-delivered cards of thanks and support directly to the Green family by visiting the "Lobbying For Freedom" website at www.lobbyingforfreedom.com.

At the website, they can also send mail to President Obama, the Supreme Court Justices and their Representatives in a statement of opposition to the abortion mandate.

For many Americans, the Affordable Care Act (ACA), or "Obamacare" and the abortion mandate does stand at the edge of a historic loss of religious freedoms in America.

The Obama administration believes that since Hobby Lobby is a for-profit company, the corporation has no religious rights under the First Amendment. The U.S. government, via the Department of Justice, believes that exempting Hobby Lobby from paying for abortive devices and drugs, to which the Greens vehemently object, would amount to an imposition of the Green family’s faith upon their employees. While having exempted millions of others from the Affordable Care Act, the Federal Government is insisting on imposing the controversial abortion mandate on the Green family and their business.

And many Americans object to the imposition of the mandate as well, citing the Constitution and the words of President Thomas Jefferson:

“No provision in our constitution ought to be dearer to man than that which protects the rights of conscience against the enterprises of civil authority.” ~ President Thomas Jefferson

Hobby Lobby has now made it clear that should they lose the case, they are prepared to shut down their successful business (with nearly 400 retail stores) based on their faith and their firm belief in the Constitutional principle of religious freedom.

Lobbying For Freedom, Team Leader, Rich Lepoutre couldn't help but be struck by the Green family's stand on that principle:

"In this day and age, we hear all kinds of claims and declarations made by politicians, pop culture types and others. Most of it is pure puffery and slight of words. Here on the other hand, is an American family, running an American success story and they are willing to stand in the gap for this important freedom ... to the point of sacrificing their well-known and reputable business. That is leadership. That's standing up and being counted. At Lobbying For Freedom, we are giving freedom-loving Americans who are equally concerned, the opportunity to thank the Green family directly... and to make it clear to the President and their Representatives just what they think of this threat to the Constitution and the Nation."

The mail-in campaign will run until the Supreme Court decision is rendered in either June or October 2014.

Visit LobbyingForFreedom.com.

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