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Don Sorchych

Blaine Keith update • Nasty blogs

blaine keithAlthough he is anxious to return to Carefree Manor, Blaine Keith is still in the Acacia building off Mayo Boulevard; he has had a setback. In his most recent meeting with the surgeon, who mended compound fractures of his arm and hand, the surgeon said after three months he will operate to remove a metal plate which was inserted during his operation. The good news is his bones are mending. He is thankful and appreciative for the cards, calls, visits by friends and their prayers.

Blaine Keith
4555 E. Mayo Blvd.
Building 16, Room 331
Phoenix AZ, 85050

Nasty Blogs
Elections bring out the best and worst in people. When the slate got in, it was by a gift of council members dropping out. The drop outs correctly assessed their competition and decided they wouldn't compete against lies and deceit. So the slate, led by newly approved bar baby, Adam Trenk, won the required four votes to be a majority in council voting.

It has been widely rumored Trenk lives in Scottsdale, but was allowed to run for council by a lenient (or worse) judge.

Everyone is aware there will be recall, for the four slate members, probably in November. So voters have the opportunity to vote the slate out and hopefully get control of the U.S. Senate too.

When the slate was assembled, they and/or their supporters formed two web pages. Both are nasty but one is worse than the other. One is run by Sara Vannucci and her husband, John. Sara Vannucci was once cited for participation in a Ponzi scheme and had to disgorge her ill gotten gains. The Arizona Bar made her quit asserting she was an Arizona attorney since she had never passed the bar. She and the people below seem to think they can violate copyright laws at their pleasure. They both will find out they are not above the law.

The other unnamed blog is featured in the Guest Editorial below titled “Lies.” It is pure dirt, fantasies, lies, libel and slander. Obviously, the phantom writer will be outed, and soon. I have copies of their archives all he way back to June of 2012. Every article is libelous and actionable.
Although it seems unimaginable, the tripe printed by these hooligans appears in a Google search. The attacks center around Sonoran News first and specifically me and Linda Bentley, then Usama Abujbarah, John Hoeppner, Steve LaMar, Bob Williams, Hani Saba, Thomas McGuire, Ernie Bunch and others who are not slate supporters.

They can whistle past the graveyard all they want. The slate will be replaced and the writers(s), owners and contributors of this slime will find themselves in a heap of trouble.

At last look 11 people were accessing this garbage but with an Internet connection they will be very liable. In fact, the survey we had done registered 0 readership and that is close.

The featured Guest Editorial by Donna LaMar tells accusations against her fair minded husband are a pack of lies and they are. The title by the sick writer is, "Is Steve LeMar a pervert?" What is their evidence? Steve has his hand on the back of a young man he was guiding since he was 10 as a BIG BROTHER. Due to Steve's influence the young man is essentially a family member. This is clear and disgusting libel, not only for Steve but his LITTLE BROTHER. Lawyers will flock to defend Steve; he was a long time prosecutor in the Attorney General's Office and also has practiced for law firms.

Furthermore, the idiots copied the picture from his web page which is a copyright violation. They did the same thing to John Hoeppner and he has warned them about violating the law.

Read Donna's editorial carefully, there will be massive follow up in Sonoran News as the owners and contributors of the deceitful and false allegations are identified.