MARCH 26, 2014

Wil Cardon commends federal court ruling on verifying voter citizenship

An important step in protecting election integrity in Arizona
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MESA – Wil Cardon recently commended a recent federal court ruling that allowed Arizona and other states to require individuals to show proof of citizenship when registering to vote.

"I commend Judge Melgren for ruling in favor of protecting the integrity of our elections. Requiring individuals to prove they are citizens before they can vote is a common sense measure that protects our election system from fraud and abuse. A fair and transparent election system that is free of fraud is essential to the survival of our Republic and that is why protecting election integrity will be one of my top priorities as Arizona's next Secretary of State," said Wil Cardon.

"I also want to thank our current Secretary of State Ken Bennett, Attorney General Tom Horne, and Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach for their hard work on this important issue. They should be congratulated for their success in addition to their willingness to stand up to the far left and fight for an essential tool in the battle against voter fraud," concluded Cardon. 

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