Remembrance Project’s Stolen Lives Quilts so we’ll never forget

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stolen lives quiltThe Stolen Lives Quilts, put together by the Remembrance Project and Remember 1986 Coalition, displayed approximately 60 Arizona victims killed by illegal aliens over the years.  
Photo by Linda Bentley

PHOENIX – Dozens of people gathered at sunset on Nov. 3 at Wesley Bolin Park and in at least 20 other states for a National Day of Remembrance candlelight vigil for the victims of violent crime at the hands of illegal aliens.

Former Senate President Russell Pearce began the ceremony with a prayer, followed by Gary Johnstone playing Amazing Grace on the bagpipes.

Riders USA member Valerie Roller read the names of each of the victims while Buffalo Rick Galeener rang a bell after each name.

Roller had trouble choking back tears when she read the name of a 4-year-old victim who was killed at the hands of her mother’s illegal alien boyfriend and while reading the names of some of the other younger victims.

Sue Krentz, wife of Robert Krentz, who was murdered on their ranch in March 2010 by illegal aliens, was also in attendance.

Roller said, “This has to stop,” stating these are families that are broken forever, unlike the families of illegal aliens who are deported and voluntarily leave their children and/or other family members behind.

Noting most of the murders were committed by illegal aliens who had been deported numerous times, Roller said our federal government is complicit in these crimes by its failure to secure our borders and enforce the laws currently on the books.

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