NOVEMBER 11, 2013

Nuclear Plant to Sound Emergency Sirens
Annual Test Part of Federal Requirements

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On Wednesday, Nov. 13, Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station, in cooperation with local and State agencies, will test the 48 outdoor warning sirens located within the 10-mile emergency planning zone of the nuclear generating station.

In the unlikely event of an emergency at Palo Verde, one of three response agencies (Maricopa County Department of Emergency Management, Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office or the Arizona Department of Public Safety) would activate the alerting sirens as a means of directing residents to turn on their radios and televisions.   An Emergency Alert System message would then provide the public with emergency information. 

The annual testing will activate the sirens twice, once at noon and again at 12:30 p.m., to ensure operability. Volunteers from the West Valley Amateur Radio Club, the Tri-City Amateur Radio Club and other unaffiliated ham operators will be stationed at each siren and immediately report siren activation to emergency managers.   

The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) will activate electronic message signs along Interstate 10 in the West Valley to notify drivers of the test.

Sirens are part of the “Alert and Notification System” required by federal regulations.  This annual testing of the siren system is required by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

For more information, contact Maricopa County Emergency Management at 602-273-1411.

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