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Don Sorchych

Haldiman’s BS

In last week’s issue online Linda Bentley wrote about ex-Town Manager Usama Abujbarah’s lawsuit hearing on Oct.18. She mentioned Adam Trenk and Arizona Republic slate promoter and publicist Phil Haldiman were there along with Councilman Reg Monachino and slate activist Ron Iverson.

The good news is the town’s attorney’s attempt to have the lawsuit dismissed failed. Also the judge showed intense interest in what the slate knew, when they knew it and if they discussed it before their actions.

Now, during the discovery period, Abujbarah will have subpoena power to get email and other information.

bil canfield cartoon
Interestingly Haldiman, a week later, hadn’t published a word about the hearing, perhaps because it didn’t go his way. He finally published a relatively balanced account on Saturday, Oct. 26.

But Haldiman did publish a near libelous article for his friend and maybe benefactor Trenk on Oct. 23. It is titled “CC vice mayor changes home over suspicious foul play.” If there was ever an attempt to smear Sonoran News this one is undeniable.

First of all the reasons for why Trenk moved here and there has little to do with his fear. Where he lives and serves on the Cave Creek council is a legal matter. According to the town code any candidate for council must have resided in Cave Creek for one year before becoming a candidate. The fact the judge ruled Trenk had an “intent” to move back was ridiculous. The issue of where he is living remained an interesting one and he is fighting the problem by seeking sympathy and claiming people have sabotaged his truck and poisoned his horse without one scintilla of evidence. At best you could say he is paranoid.

Now he throws in the race card and claims he is a victim of race hate. In the first place how many people in Cave Creek know or care he is Jewish? No one I know would stoop to the actions he claims were made against him. Furthermore MCSO investigations have not yielded any information supporting his assertions.

Trenk, like his associates who publish rabid and libelous web pages, have made all kinds of assertions that a cartoon by Bil Canfield was anti-Semitic. Canfield is a 92 year old WWII veteran who was non plussed when he was called by Trenk’s stooge, Haldiman. Canfields’s explanation should have settled the issue but the dark side continues to run with it. I will tell them right now it is libelous and their lies are stored for later use.

Canfield said that he was pointing out that driving is a fear for him, thus the cartoon.

Trenk was quoted as saying, “Since World War II, the swastika had a single meaning and to use it as a metaphor is laughable.”

Trenk is obviously not a historian, still wet behind the ears. I was a teenager throughout WWII and the swastika stood for far more than a single thing. Yes, the holocaust was an extreme tragedy; so was rolling through Europe killing millions of people of all races. In my mind the swastika stands for Nazi Germany and all their crimes against humanity.

Trenk said “When the swastika was published, it became clear to me the string of unfortunate events we were experiencing might be more than a coincidence.”


Trenk is trying to hide from the fact it is unlikely he lived here. He also knows the lawsuit he said wouldn't happen, due to his malfeasance, is in fact rolling ahead with subpoenas which will answer the question of where he lived and when and reveal the chronological email flow between him and his slate.

Poor, poor Trenkster. Let’s talk about him and his family. First of all Trenk’s supporters, the vast majority from out of state, gave him $50,000 to assure he was elected. Why? Because the Trenks assume this is a stepping stone and they want him in Washington where people like him often end up.

That kind of money was not involved in Cave Creek elections prior to Trenk; expenditures were almost nil and in my mind the founding fathers wanted people in office who have a profession they return to after a reasonable contribution to government.

But let me remind voters again, in the most recent election where Trenk spent $25,000 in the primary, Ernie Bunch didn’t spend a dime and got only two votes less than Trenk. So if the dark side thinks they can buy the next election, they will be seriously fooled. Voters in Cave Creek are not stupid.

Trenk’s father attends council meetings to watch his son’s progression. You have to wonder why he would be here if anti-Semitism was so rampant.

In addition to the money laid on Trenk by family, Granddad Alvin Trenk gave Bob Moore $5,000 to go against Sonoran News. Moore is the guy who was booted off the planning commission by the council because of demands from the planning commission members.

The voting pattern of the Trenk family is Democrat. Alvin Trenk gave $10,000 to the Indiana Democratic Congress Victory Committee and $1000 to Biden. Adam Trenk’s father, Richard Trenk, gave $9,000 to 13 democrat candidates including Obama, Biden and Hillary Clinton. Other relatives gave more but all to the Democrat party.

Trenk tries to give the illusion he is a conservative Republican and works for the Rose Law Firm (RLF), a conservative Republican firm. Yet he hired for Interim Town Manager a 100 percent Democrat who foolishly ran against John McCain and who lives and breathes the liberal Democrat party.

Trenk was merely hiding out from the process server and trying to give the impression he lived here. But he is responsible for the $3,000,000 lawsuit facing the town – he and his bobble heads – but he is their leader.

And Mayor Francia, whether you like it or not, there will be recalls and voters know you are a typical politician who is comfortable with flopping from the slate to the new winners.