Arizonans joined the DC March for Jobs rally against amnesty

Quoting Milton Friedman, King said, ‘You cannot have a welfare state and open borders’
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Event_071513-89-M2.jpgCourtesy Photo/Black American Leadership Alliance
Slide show of Arizona bus group

WASHINGTON – Arizonans filled a bus and made the trip across the country to join thousands of pro-enforcement activists from all over the country to march from Freedom Plaza to the Capitol on July 15 as part of the DC March for Jobs, a rally sponsored by the Black American Leadership Alliance (BALA).

Rusty Childress’ group, Remember 1986, joined the rally to protest amnesty legislation and promote American workers for American jobs.

While the bus trip from Phoenix didn’t exactly get off on the right foot with rally participants wondering if they weren’t going to be stranded in Oklahoma, it eventually got back on track and to the District of Columbia as scheduled.

Speakers included Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas; Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa; former U.S. Rep. Col. Allen West; Louisiana Sen. Elbert Guillory, R-Baton Rouge; Ted Hayes, an activist and advocate for the homeless; Michael Cutler, a retired INS agent; Roy Beck, founder and CEO of NumbersUSA; documentary film maker (They Come to America) Dennis Michael Lynch and more.

Cruz said there is overwhelming bipartisan agreement amongst Americans, outside of Washington, D.C., on immigration and stated we have to get serious about securing our borders.

King, who has been an outspoken opponent of amnesty legislation, spoke about his ancestors who fought and were wounded or killed in the Civil War to end slavery.

He said, “They paid that price not so we could take the rule of law and shovel it off to the side because it’s a political inconvenience; not so we can hand amnesty over to people because that helps some folks over here on the other side of the aisle politically get more voters."

King went on to say, “You don’t sacrifice the rule of law so you can have undocumented Democrats. That makes no sense. We don’t have a political immigration policy and we shall not have a political immigration policy. We must have an immigration policy that’s designed to enhance the economic, the social and the cultural well being of the United States of America.”

Pointing out the U.S. Department of Labor numbers show there are over 100 million working-age Americans that are out of jobs, King said, they are made up of citizens, naturalized citizens and green card holders who respected the rule of law.

He said those people are being cut out of this process so somebody can push a political agenda for political gain and somebody else can hire cheap labor, using our tax dollars and money borrowed from China to subsidize it.

King said there were three kinds of people who support illegal labor and the legalization by amnesty: elitists who want cheap labor to clean their houses and mow their lawns; power brokers, who know politically it’s cheap votes; and employers who want more cheap labor.

Quoting Milton Friedman, King said, “You cannot have a welfare state and open borders,” adding, “He’s right.”

He stated it is easier to close the border and enforce the rule of law than it is to end the welfare state.

King said, “We can do it.”

West questioned why all those blacks who are unemployed that were marching in Stanford, Florida [Justice for Trayvon] weren’t standing with them in D.C. that day.

He said the president and others on Capitol Hill feel it is more important to reward people who came here illegally than to look to the inner cities, strengthen the inner cities and strengthen the black community.

West criticized those in the Black Caucus for not caring about the black community and accused them of “just towing the line for progressive socialism.”

What has since been revealed in S.744, otherwise known as the Gang of Eight’s amnesty bill, which appears not to have been read by either Sens. John McCain or Marco Rubio, is Section 3707, which appears on page 777 and amends Section 1541 of Title 18 of the U.S. Code.
It states, “any person who, during any period of 3 years or less, knowingly – (1) and without lawful authority produces, issues, or transfers 3 or more passports; (2) forges, counterfeits, alters, or falsely makes 3 or more passports; (3) secures, possesses, uses, receives, buys, sells, or distributes 3 or more passports, knowing the passports to be forged, counterfeited, altered, falsely made, stolen, procured by fraud, or produced or issued without lawful authority; or (4) completes, mails, prepares, presents, signs, or submits 3 or more applications for a United States passport, knowing the applications to contain any materially false statement or representation, shall be fined under this title, imprisoned not more than 20  years, or both.”
In other words, a person could forge up to two passports before they can be charged with a crime.

Since this falls under Title 18, which addresses immigration, American citizens are not afforded the same lawlessness with respect to the use of forged passports.

Neither McCain nor Rubio were aware this was in the bill they are so heavily endorsing.

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