JULY 17, 2013

Maya lost and found

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mayaPatty Bailey found a dog at 6:30 a.m. on July 5, the morning after the fireworks, in the Dixileta and 64th Street area. A female black Lab mix was laying in a wash covered in Cholla. Patty flagged down her neighbor Tracy who had a collar and leash. When they had pulled out all of the Cholla covering her body and tried to get her up, they discovered she had been hit by a car and had a badly injured leg. She was scared and hurt. Patty took her to the vet for X-rays but no break was found.

Both women posted flyers. Patty spent a week posting and looking for information about her on numerous websites, with no calls what so ever. Many people from these websites were trying to help Patty find a match with a lost dog post. Nothing.

On Thursday, July 11, Patty Bailey sent an email message to Sonoran News. The information was posted on the Sonoran News Facebook page within minutes.

Heather saw the post, saw two flyers for a lost dog on Dynamite and called Patty with their numbers! As soon as Heather said Black Lab with a purple tongue, Patty said "That is her!”

Patty called the numbers from the lost dog poster and by 6 p.m. the dog had been reunited with her human, Cindy, after almost a week! Cindy had been on vacation and her daughter-in-law had taken off the dog’s collar to give her a bath. A neighbor must have set off fireworks and set the dog off running.

Patty wrote: ‘It is so nice to for a happy ending to come together like this. Especially coming from of the support of your local paper! You all are the best!’

To Patty, Tracy and Heather – many thanks for saving Maya’s life and reuniting her with Cindy!

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