Veritas ..."and the truth shall set you free"

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spoof space by steele coddingtonVeritas! A word that used to define presidential character. Truth? Where has it gone? It's flown the coop. Abandoned by the highest official in the land. The old truism, "When poverty comes in the door love flies out the window," has been reinvented to describe the White House: "When Chicago comes in the door, truth flies out the window." It began flying out when an army of left wing Pinocchios marched in with their flock of pigeons. Guano became their major export. What can we do? Wake up! Recognize that Paul Revere's call to arms, "The British are coming," has morphed into a new warning, "Your government is coming – for you, your money, your job, your privacy, your health care, your freedom."

When the culture of corruption, incompetence and subversion of fundamental constitutional principles becomes a government mission endorsed as non-threatening "change" by the Obama regime and his chosen Czaristas, you need to be aware that he and his musicians are playing TAPS for America. It's time to recognize the destructive political perversion that's going on in your society. Get off the electronic device and find your lost convictions. Begin to take back the country you knew before Obama. Get involved with your voice, letters, e-mails, blogs and voter registration. Ridicule, fight and expose the lies, bogus programs, negative accomplishments and false claims for what they really are, not the glowing, self congratulatory, meaningless politically correct failures that sound good but smell bad and feel worse.

Understand the bias of your regular news sources. Everything you may regularly hear, view or read on major news programs probably won't alert your usual stress level. The ultra liberal major media excuses, distorts, avoids or soft pedals the unfavorable political news to maintain the "protective wall" around the White House and its agendas. Major failures of the administration casually buttered over as unintended mistakes, little indiscretions or areas needing correction can't for long hide the culture of corruption that is being disguised by outright White House lies, stonewalls and "the need for further investigation."

What is so dangerous about their manipulation of the major media on such issues is that the mind set of the average citizen can't conceive that their own government would permit or tolerate egregious wrong-doing by one its own agencies like the IRS. Yet their discrimination and abuse of an innocent citizen is as insidiously destructive of a fundamental American right as a Communist dictate because it is a form of subtle "thought control." The threat? "Sorry, but if you don't believe or think as we do politically, your rightful request is denied."

With this administration, citizens need to distinguish between truth and the voices from the White House sounding like your favorite used car salesman's voice echoing reassurances of Santa Claus, Pinocchio, Bernie Madoff, "Read my lips," Mr. Ponzie and the availability of the Brooklyn Bridge. The left pillories the people who present opposing viewpoints, but if you listen to people steeped in Veritas like those listed below, you'll understand why "the truth will set you free."

All stars on the Veritas list: Mike Huckabee, Sarah Palin, Senator Ted Cruz, Charles Krauthammer, Michele Bachmann, Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingraham, Shaun Hannity, Ann Coulter and many more - including Investors Business Daily, The Wall Street Journal, Sonoran News, National Review and American Spectator.