JUNE 12, 2013

Burro rescue update

Donations needed to recoup the cost of the relocation effort and vet bills
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burroAccording to Ken Bacher of Triple R Horse Rescue, the incredible rescue of approximately 80 burros from Marana is moving rapidly:

Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue took 39 burros to their rescue in Texas.

Forever Home Donkey Rescue took two.

Escalante Springs Equine Rescue and Rehabilitation has taken two burros to use in their therapy programs. 

A number of burros have been adopted by individuals.

Spur Cross Bed and Breakfast has adopted two to keep here in Cave Creek.

Triple R still has six burros that need permanent homes.

Although they are rapidly rehoming the animals, they are still trying to recoup the large sum of money spent on the rescue. In addition to thousands of dollars to relocate the animals are veterinary costs to get them healthy. Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated.

Visit triplerhorserescueaz.com or TripleRHorseRescueAZ on Facebook and hoofprints.wix.com or Hoofprints ofthe Heart on Facebook.

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