VOL. 19  ISSUE NO. 21   |    MAY 22 – 28, 2013


CPFER asks court to order Respect Arizona to refund illegal donations

However, as the brief points out, A.R.S. § 19-202 was not passed consistent with the methods for amending the Arizona Constitution

SCOTTSDALE – Attorney Larry Klayman, founder of Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch, held a press conference this week to announce the progress in the case of Citizens to Protect Fair Election Results (CPFER) against Respect Arizona, a group seeking to recall Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. CPFER filed the complaint for special action and writ of mandamus in March with an application for preliminary and permanent injunction.


Remember 1986 Coalition takes to the streets to oppose amnesty

The message is we are a nation devoid of the rule of law, a nation that has stopped practicing fiscal responsibility and a nation without borders

PHOENIX – As head of the Remember 1986 Coalition, Rusty Childress held a rally and press conference on the corner of 22nd Street and Camelback Road on Tuesday before delivering a petition with 10,000 signatures to Sen. John McCain’s office in opposition to S.744, which has come to be known as the Gang of Eight’s amnesty bill.


dick esserTown settles attorney fees, restructures WIFA loans

Esser stated, ‘I certainly support this … After listening to the crowd, I’m not concerned about what you do in Pennsylvania or Hawaii’

CAVE CREEK – Councilman Steve Lamar arrived late to Monday’s meeting and since he wasn’t involved in the discussion, he didn’t vote on the agenda item to approve $4,000 in attorneys’ fees to settle the case CV2013-002769 (Freeman v. Esser et al.) in full.


Carefree’s capital improvement ideas unfunded and under fire

Miller: ‘Economic Development is good common sense and I got that’

CAREFREE – Town council held a special workshop session on Tuesday to discuss its three major proposed capital improvement projects.


Bill Whittle, legislators weigh in on federal intervention

Pointing to the state capitol and legislature buildings, Whittle said, ‘The state sold these buildings to pay for programs you can’t afford.’

PHOENIX – Five busloads of people were brought to a rally at the Arizona State Capitol last Wednesday to show support for Gov. Jan Brewer’s push to expand Medicaid, part of President Obama’s Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare.

MAY 22, 2013

Attorney General Tom Horne to Senators: Border Security should be certified by States, not the Department of Homeland Security

PHOENIX – A single political appointee should not be entrusted with the job of certifying border security for the United States, Attorney General Tom Horne told Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake in a letter on Monday.

MAY 22, 2013

Obama administration under siege from 3 huge scandals: Here’s why it could all come crashing down

In just one week, President Barack Obama’s political machine has switched from endless campaign to survival mode. And for the first time in Obama’s presidency, the damage to his regime may be permanent.

MAY 22, 2013

Modern lab reaches across the ages to resolve plague DNA debate

From within an ancient German gravesite to laboratories under the harshest extremes of scientific scrutiny, traces of DNA from a deadly disease illuminate the cold pages of history with modern insight.

MAY 22, 2013

Marco Rubio’s deceptive amnesty ad

CIS fact-checks claims about Senate immigration bill

WASHINGTON, DC – Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) appears in a television advertisement designed to promote the immigration bill currently being debated in the Senate. The 60-second spot calls the proposal “conservative immigration reform” and is intended to make amnesty appealing to Republican voters. Partisan politics aside, the ad is misleading on a number of counts, as outlined in a new Center for Immigration Studies analysis.

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