Peculiar metamorphosis

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Aussies have managed to finish in second place 6 times at Augusta. However, prior to Scott Adams being victorious in 2013, no Australian had won the Master’s Golf Tournament.

A small drone 19 inches in length and weighing 35 ounces can remain aloft for 90 minutes, fly to an altitude of 14,000 feet and cruise at 58 mph while carrying a functioning camera. The amazing machine has been dubbed the Aurora Skate and has already been used to survey landscapes, seek out missing people and monitor construction projects. The Aurora Skates are capable of performing while being guided remotely or can be preprogrammed to take off, complete a task and return to softly land at a designated location.  As a child of 17, I owned a balsawood glider-plane powered by a rubber band, but the Aurora Skate would appear to be superior by most standards.

The Three Gorges Dam is almost 1.5 miles across and is the largest concrete structure on earth. The massive barrier was placed to increase shipping capacities on the Yangtze River, control flooding and generate hydroelectric power for a large region in China. The TGD is five times as wide as America’s Hoover Dam.

By invitation, Louis XIV visited the impressive gardens of Vaux-le-Vicomte owned by Nicolas Fouquet in 1661. Louis was very impressed – so much so that he confiscated the property. To keep matters peaceful, the coveting king also imprisoned Fouquet. The whole attempt at “showing off” seemed to work out poorly for Nicolas.

That very edible seafood delight known as the flounder undergoes a peculiar metamorphosis. When first hatched, the tiny flounders look like most other fish with one eye on each side of the body. Within 14 to 40 days, the right eye moves to the left side of the flounder head so both eyes are on the same side of the body. I recall a relative nicknamed “Flounder,” but I do not believe it was because one of his eyes migrated. I’ll ask.

It was in 1796 that Francis Barrere received the very first passport issued by the United States.
Pope John XXIII selected the name “John” because that was the name of his father.

Joan of Arc was not captured by the English as is often depicted in movies. Poor Joan was taken prisoner by the French people. Well, use caution whenever exhibiting prized possessions to envious people – and have a great week.

James White is a retired mathematics teacher who enjoys sharing fascinating trivia. He can be reached at