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April 24 - 30, 2013


For All Signs:  On Thursday the 26th, we will experience a full moon eclipse in Scorpio, followed by an eclipsed new moon in Taurus on the 9th of May.  Neither of these eclipses will be visible in the USA.  In ancient times eclipses were believed frightening, heralding negative omens, especially in regions of their visibility. Contemporary astrologers have the benefit of a long history and a broader world view. We perceive eclipse seasons as periods that relieve critical mass. For many of us this month there will be an experience of manifestation or enlightenment about situations that have been long in the making.  See both your sun and ascending signs below to read how these eclipses will affect you.

Aries:   The eclipse pattern emphasizes issues of sexuality, intimacy, and material accumulation. Your attitudes in these areas need renewal.  Reorganization of debt and investments may be in progress.  You may be more conscious than usual about existential matters related to life, death, and what is on "the other side" of normal, waking consciousness.  It could feel important to arrange your will or estate.

Taurus:  The eclipses have drawn attention to your partnerships. What is your pattern in Significant Relationships?  What needs to be repaired or improved?  How might you contribute to a fuller, richer life for yourself as well as the important persons in your life?  It is crucial to search out solutions that favor everyone concerned.  Recapitulation of old habits will simply regenerate trauma.

Gemini:  It is important for the Twins to concentrate on improvement of work related relationships and health maintenance. Diet, exercise and improvement of physical regimen will serve you well.  Honing your management systems in personal and work arenas is necessary to improve the efficiency of the daily work routine.  You must balance concerns of recent years with better self-care.  You may have developed a significant mentor relationship in recent months.

Cancer:  The eclipse pattern emphasizes your progeny. Intense experiences could come through your children or the results of other personally creative births. Both errors and successes in parenting and / or creative work will be revealed for all to see. The time is approaching to let go of friendships and associations that no longer serve you well.  Romantic ventures are intensely emotional and self-revealing.

Leo:  Matters concerning your family are accented.  Old problems in relationships, even with the deceased, are brought to consciousness for cleansing and healing.  A new family member may enter the scene.  Property and real estate matters also require concentration. Bringing career into alignment with your true self is an important focus.  That which doesn't genuinely fit must be rearranged or eliminated.

Virgo:  The accent of this eclipse period is on travel, education, care of vehicles and relationships to siblings, roommates, neighbors, or others who daily traverse your life. Lifelong habit patterns of thought must be reviewed and negative thinking corrected, while habits of speech and communication are improved. Now is the time to focus on learning new and practical life skills.  Let go of outmoded belief systems.

Libra:  This eclipse series accents personal and financial resources. Greater understanding and awareness will develop related to expenditures of time, energy and money.  Debts need to be repaid.  If there are income tax issues, they may surface over the next year. You need to eliminate or recycle whatever is no longer useful in your life.  Conditions of intimate life and sexuality are stale and must be renewed.

Scorpio:  Your personal identity is the subject under consideration. Who are you becoming and who do you need to be?  How do you wish to define yourself before the world?  How can you develop an individual identity that is workable while simultaneously maintaining a personally rewarding relationship? 

Sagittarius:  The Taurus/Scorpio eclipses emphasize your need for internal order and self-reflection. You must remain true to your deepest self and maintain faith that time will yield the secular opportunities that you need. Consider hypnosis or meditation, psychotherapy, dream work or journaling as resources to help you think.  Solitude can be healing now.  Streamlining daily routines will help you preserve time for contemplation.

Capricorn:  Involvement in your community, networking, and developing friendships will be occupying a center role during the next year. You have lessons to learn about discerning who is truly a friend.  Those with children must concentrate on fostering those relationships.  Some may decide not to have any more babies.  This eclipse series may yield a critical turn in the area of love life and personal creativity.

Aquarius:  There will be emphasis on career, life goals, and community reputation. Honors may develop in coming months if you have previously built a solid foundation.  Family members plead for more attention in subtle and overt ways. Property may require repair, rejuvenation, or replacement.  Family patterns are changing.  You may experience a sense of loss, but renewal occurs in its wake.

Pisces:  Legal, ethical or educational issues are emphasized by the eclipse pattern. Travel is punctuated, whether it is of body, mind, or spirit.  Exposure to those of different backgrounds or cultures opens your heart and leads you in new directions.  Good fortune may come through the internet.  A household move may be in the works or on the way.  Your perspective as well as your literal territory has grown dramatically.

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